The British Army conducted an urban operations firepower demonstration following a drop into the Jordanian desert.

The British Army say that a platoon of the Jordanian Special Forces Group (SFG) had previously rallied after being parachuted into the drop zone from 1,200 feet by C-130, awaiting support from the British Army Lead Assault Force (LAF), which arrived in the form of soldiers from A Company, 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment.

“2 PARA, ably supported by engineers, signallers, artillery, logisticians and medics, knew the Pathfinders were also in place with an arsenal of heavy weapons capabilty loaded onto the RWMIKs (Revised Weapons Mounted Installation Kit) vehicles. They had dropped into place days before to prepare the battlespace and ensure the security of the drop zone.”

Brigadier James Martin, Commander 16 Air Assault Brigade, was quoted as saying:

“This is a proving ground for our ability to work in concert, a multi-domain approach, which can provide unparalleled advantages in warfighting and other operations. It also provides the wherewithal for us to consistently get better because there is no better way to learn lessons than by doing.”

In total, three C-130s had parachuted in what was needed for the urban assault in Jordan – the troops needed to carry the fight forward and the essential stores required, known as the Container Delivery System, packed chock full with quad bikes, trailers, ammunition and other heavy gear to allow the Lead Assault Force to sustain itself in the field.

Two Typhoons from Cyprus, who are held at readiness to support operations near the Eastern Mediterranean, were joined by two of the Jordanian Air Force’s F16 fighter aircraft in supporting the urban assault.

You can read more about this here.

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Andy P
Andy P
3 months ago

Just hope its not the same Jordan that Michael Jackson was firing into, once is bad enough.  😱 

Sorry Mods, delete if over the line.

David Steeper
David Steeper
3 months ago
Reply to  Andy P

Your definition of a Mod and mine are obviously different. Sorry showing my age. 79 Mod.

Graham Moore
Graham Moore
3 months ago

It’s good that we are keeping our parachute insertion skills alive, albeit on a small scale.
I saw a reaction video recently and an ex-US Marine was commenting of an Op Corporate documentary. He was surprised that we did not get Paras to parachute in to the islands, to seize ‘high ground.’ I guess just one of the reasons that did not happen was that we did not have lots of C-130s in theatre (rather a long way from a friendly deployment airfield!).