The British Army have brought back back the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace.

In a news release, the British Army say that the event is considered the epitome of ceremonial excellence and regimental discipline and ranks top of the bucket list of many of the visitors to London.

“The full ceremonial Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace returned after the longest pause in its delivery since World War 2. Changing of the Guard is carried out by the nation’s finest serving soldiers and musicians, dressed in red tunics, bearskin caps and mirror-shined parade boots.

Mounted and dismounted ceremonial sentries continued to be posted at all the Royal Palaces 24/7 all through the COVID-19 pandemic in London and Windsor, but restrictions meant the duties were handed over from one unit to another administratively, without any ceremony or music, after March 2020.”The Army add that number 3 Company from 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards based in Windsor had the privilege of undertaking the first full ceremonial duty since prior to COVID restrictions in March 2020.

Eighty per cent of these guardsmen had never done Changing of the Guard before, as they joined the Army after COVID or have been involved in an operational role prior to taking up ceremonial duties.

“The Coldstream Guards is one of the Army’s oldest and most distinguished regiments and trained hard to make it an impressive sight that the Household Division and the nation could be proud of. They were accompanied today by the Band of The Coldstream Guards for whom similarly it was a proud moment.”

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1 month ago

Good Morning and thank you George for sorting this page. Whilst the Bearskin is not a uniquely British piece of headware, it is universally recognised when worn by one of Her Majesty’s Guardsmen. Of all the Commonwealth countries that share British military structure,,Canada is up there with the UK in maintaining the traditions of Guardsmens parade ground drill and uniform. There are Regiments both in Ottawa and Quebec that change the Guard and troop the colour. Even in the USA, the Bearskin survives on the heads of a few Drum Majors. Here in Africa of course the Bearskin would be… Read more »

1 month ago

Just to update my previous post. i was not aware that the Canadian Guards Regiments were abolished some years back and their ceremonial role was adopted by the Ceremonial Guard Unit which inter alia performs duties at the opening of the Canadian Parliament and at the Governor-Generals residence. They are however still a visible link with the now defunct Canadian regiment and the tradition in general