Chinese and Russian navies completed exercises in what they call the first stage of their ongoing joint exercise code-named ‘Joint Sea 2017’.

Chinese destroyer Hefei and missile frigate Yuncheng docked in the Russian city of St. Petersburg following an intensive two-day naval drill in the Baltic Sea.

According to local media, during the drill, two tactical assault groups, consisting of mixed warships from the Chinese and Russian fleets, conducted a string of joint exercises, including ship-to-sea firing by secondary guns, air defence, landing and inspection, maritime search and rescue, dry cargo replenishment and shipwreck relief.

On Wednesday, the participating fleets from the two countries reportedly held a farewell ceremony in the southeastern waters of the Baltic Sea before parting ways and continuing their respective voyages.

Navies from both countries are scheduled to attend a parade in celebration of Russia’s Navy Day on Sunday.

The Joint Sea 2017 drills, according to the Russian Navy, focus on carrying out joint rescue missions and ensuring maritime economic activities, during which the two navies are expected to strengthen the ability to cope with maritime threats and coordinate joint actions, as well as promote their friendship and mutual trust.

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