Reports of an explosion and fatalities at Manchester Arena have now been confirmed by police.

What’s happened:

  • Police confirmed fatalities after reports of an explosion at Manchester Arena
  • The arena was hosting an Ariana Grande concert
  • The cause of the ‘loud bangs’ has not been confirmed

People at a concert in the arena reported hearing an explosions at the venue, police have warned people to stay away from the area and have started to release details of the incident.

The arena is an indoor arena in Hunts Bank, Manchester just north of the city centre, most of the arena is situated above Manchester Victoria station. The arena has the highest seating capacity of any indoor venue in the United Kingdom, and second largest Europe with a capacity of 21,000 and is one of the world’s busiest indoor arenas, hosting music and sporting events such as boxing and swimming.

The arena was a key part of the city’s bids to host the Olympic Games in 1996 and 2000 and was eventually used for the 2002 Commonwealth Games.

Explosions can be seen in this Dash-cam video taken outside the venue, at 7 seconds in a building lights up.

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