Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has announced that over £1.1 billion will be invested in creating new accommodation and facilities to meet the needs of the Army.

Mr Fallon made the announcement during a Defence Select Committee hearing on the delivery of the SDSR.

He said:

“Our armed forces deserve facilities and housing that match the need of this generation. We’re committed to delivering a better defence estate; ensuring our Armed Forces are properly supported and provided for. With our defence budget secure and rising to 2020 will can now properly invest in: our soldiers, their families and communities.

There will be significant investment on Salisbury Plain and in Aldershot into new and modern ‘Single Living Accommodation’, with more than 2,600 bed spaces created. New and improved technical, office, catering, retail and leisure facilities will also be provided to make sure that soldiers work and live in the best possible environment.”

The new infrastructure will support forces returning from Germany under the Army Basing Programme which was set up to deliver Army 2020 as part of the Government’s 2010 Strategic Defence and Security Review commitments.

The government say that the construction programme is scheduled for completion by 2020, meaning all British Army units based in Germany can return to the UK by then, resulting in savings of up to £240 million per year by 2022/23.

Major General Alastair Dickinson, the Army’s Director of Basing and Infrastructure and MOD lead for the programme said:

“This is a significant step forward in the delivery of the Army Basing Programme. The investment is a major part of our programme to deliver first class facilities and will ensure a high-level of support and service for all those units relocating in 2019.”

Allan Thomson, Chief Executive of Aspire Defence Ltd added:

“Aspire Defence is extremely proud of our successful record delivering first-rate living and working accommodation for soldiers.

We are delighted to be embarking on this next phase of development, expanding our provision of high-quality purpose-built accommodation and a best-in-class total facilities management service at garrisons across Salisbury Plain and at Aldershot.”

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4 years ago

just need to sort better food out for them then instead of these private contracts…who are providing crap……….

Daniele Mandelli
Daniele Mandelli
4 years ago

While closing 91 bases over the next 14 years of course.