Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has officially opened a Bolton-based factory.

An opening ceremony saw the Defence Secretary unveil a plaque to mark the completion of five years of work and £50 million worth of investment into the high-tech site, which has been labelled ‘the jewel in the crown’ of weapons firm MBDA.

According to a press release, this marks a major milestone for the new site, where design, engineering and manufacturing experts are producing state-of-the-art equipment and systems. Complex weapons being built there will go on to do everything from arming F-35 fighter jets to protecting British troops and Royal Navy ships, whilst the move to the site has seen 100 new jobs created.

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said:

“This £50m factory supports 700 jobs in Bolton, showing how central strong British defence industry is to our national prosperity.

MBDA’s investment has created more than 100 new jobs, and this has been supported by a £400m contract from the Government helping to create a further 100 roles within the company.

You can’t have prosperity without security. MBDA in Bolton is keeping Britain safe while creating highly-skilled jobs and opportunities, demonstrating our commitment to the people of Bolton and the North West.”


  1. MBDA has a big portfolio of products. Does anyone know specifically which missiles are being designed and manufactured at this new facility?

  2. Good news. Nice to see the British aerospace tradition in Lancashire is still a leading player. A few more Hawk and Typhoon orders would be even nicer for that part of the world.

  3. Its a great story, its great we are building our own missiles and its great for exports, but 100 jobs for 400m spending is quite low.


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