Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has met with Scottish based companies that are bringing cutting edge technology to the front line.

Mr Fallon visited SeeByte, a leading software SME and Finmeccanica Airborne and Space Systems Division, Edinburgh, a Defence electronics, communications and radar company.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said:

“Britain’s defence relies on Scottish brainpower. We’re backing that brainpower by increasing the defence budget every year of this decade, meeting the NATO 2 per cent spending commitment and investing £800m in innovation.

Together with our pilots at Lossiemouth, our submariners at Faslane and the Army regiments, that puts Scotland right at the heart of the nation’s defences.”

The visit follows the launch by the government of an £800m innovation fund, to harness the entrepreneurship and ingenuity of the private sector so the UK can maintain an operational edge over adversaries.


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