British commandos have trialled using dogs to supply troops operating deep behind enemy lines with ammunition and food in the Arctic Circle.

Specialists from Chivenor-based Commando Logistic Regiment and the Commando Helicopter Force’s Ground Mobility Troop trained with huskies during their deployment to Northern Norway to look at how the dogs could be used on high-risk supply runs into adversary territory.

“Known as a Combat Service Support Squadron, the group of Royal Marines and Army Commandos are responsible for punching through the front lines and quickly supplying advanced commando raiding parties with ammunition, fuel, food and medical kit.

Whisky Squadron is made up of expert engineers, logisticians and drivers as well as protection troops well-armed with heavy and grenade machine guns, taking lessons from Russia’s illegal war in Ukraine on the way in which logistics has continued to evolve on the modern-day battlefield.

Mainly operating at night, the squadron uses various methods to reach the raiding teams – on foot, skis or snowmobiles or in some cases using tracked vehicles and trucks depending on the delivery size. The emphasis is on speed and remaining hidden.”

The commandos looked at how sleds pulled by huskies – known for their strength and endurance – could help deliver supplies to troops, making considerations on the types of operations canine companions could be deployed on, you can read more on this from them here.

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