Serbia has reportedly taken delivery of a batch of CH-92A armed reconnaissance drones plus missiles, the first time China has exported military-use aviation equipment to a European country.

A total of nine CH-92A drones plus 18 FT-8C air-to-ground missiles were included in the delivery. Fifteen more drones are expected in future procurements, reports said.

Chinese arms firms have been active providers of military-use drones in the international market, as CH series and Wing Loong series drones can often be seen in the Middle East and Africa. As of December 2018, 100 Wing Loong drones had been delivered to foreign clients.

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Elliott (@guest_511792)
9 months ago

Incorrect the first time China exported military aircraft to a European country was to Albania decades ago. This was after Albania managed to irritate both the USSR and Yugoslavia.

AlexS (@guest_511908)
9 months ago
Reply to  Elliott

Yeah they had some Chinese torpedo boats at least. But that was Cold War.

Herodotus (@guest_511815)
9 months ago

Doesn’t look as if Serbia is as keen to join the EU as it once was!

Andy (@guest_512069)
9 months ago
Reply to  Herodotus

The young people would still like too, but they are totally disillusioned and most believe nothing is gonna change any time soon. Their voices don’t count.

Derek (@guest_511850)
9 months ago

Would you trust that the software doesn’t copy all its sensor data back to Beijing and it nosedives into the ground if required, on receiving a specific alphanumerical code from a huawei mobile phone anywhere in range?

Andy (@guest_512070)
9 months ago
Reply to  Derek

I’m sure it’s not about trust, Serbia is a strategic partner of China, the data is probably processed and analyzed on Chinese servers. Data sharing is bound to be part of the deal and likely reduces the cost to Serbia.

Isn’t our F-35B data processed on American servers in America?