Minister for the Armed Forces Mark Lancaster has arrived in Gibraltar and outlined his governments support for the territory.

Minister for the Armed Forces, Mark Lancaster, said:

“Gibraltar is of great importance to the UK, our Armed Forces and our allies. It has provided vital assistance to operations and exercises over the years, perhaps best demonstrated by the recent support to the UK’s hurricane relief effort in the Caribbean.

We are absolutely steadfast in our support of Gibraltar, its people and its economy and will fully involve Gibraltar as we prepare to exit the European Union.”

In meetings with the Deputy Governor and The Chief Minister, Mark Lancaster will stress the UK’s commitment to upholding Gibraltar’s sovereignty as well as ensuring that their priorities are taken properly into account as the UK prepares to leave the EU according to a press release.

Whilst in Gibraltar, we understand that Mr Lancaster will also attend an event recognising the important role that personnel stationed there played as part of the UK military response to Hurricane Irma. According to the MoD:

“They delivered vital assistance to HMS Ocean as she docked to load humanitarian aid and disaster relief before sailing to the Caribbean Islands to assist those devastated by the hurricane.

He will also meet with Royal Navy Gibraltar Squadron who support British military activity in the region, providing force protection for visiting allied warships as well as upholding the sovereignty of British Gibraltar territorial waters.”

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And yet lets be honest, if it wasn’t for the public backlash, each and every MP sitting in the house would hand it over to Spain, as they would the Falklands to Argentina

Ian Mills

seems like a good enough reason not to do it then, eh Farouk?


Think maybe you have that wrong
What makes you say that?


Because the current crop of MPs are not willing to fight for this country. All they know is surrender.

Daniele Mandelli

“UK’s Hurricane Relief” PC right there, any port could be used for that. It’s main use is as a Sigint and surveillance location for North Africa and the straights and as a naval base, particularly for visiting SSN’s. Which is why it is too important for the UK and also the USA, and silly things like the Spanish sailing their ships into its waters can be ignored, which at the end of the day have had what effect exactly on changing its status? None. Bar Spanish invasion that will not change, and as Spain are allies and NATO partners that… Read more »


You mean the Russian sleeper and his sidekick McDonald?

Daniele Mandelli

Yes. I worded it like that as some here on the forum are inclined to vote for them so I was at least giving JC a chance without provoking a backlash……personally I think we both know where it would end!


Perhaps, but the chances of a Labour government grow by the day (whatever one’s personal political affiliations). All Labour has to do is sit back and let the Tories reap the whirlwind of Brexit (which is only fair as the only reason we had the blessed vote was for internal Tory party reasons). Of course this allows them to ignore their own contractions over Brexit and the EU. Politics is full of ironies. Hey ho. best Tim


Most in the country will now vote Labour.

Because most people don’t read the Daily Mail or the Sun, and if they do they can look past the character assassination and smear attempts.

Ohhh Jeremyyy Corrrbyn

Daniele Mandelli

Smear attempts? I think the record of Diane Abbott, McDonnel and Corbyn speaks for itself.

Dave L

That’s why we need to spend more on mental health to support the idiots who like Corbyn!!!


Dont forget the rock is in essence hollow. All the rock for the runway came from inside it.
If anyone gets the chance to do a tunnel tour I suggest you jump at it. The stuff inside from the 1800s , through WW1 and WW2 to the present day is eye watering…And thats just the bits you can see…all the other off limits stuff is still in there and working away 24/7.
It will never be handed over…ever.

Daniele Mandelli

Quite right too! Though I thought the NATO Ops centre within had closed and the tunnels are used for training and storage now?


There is still some stuff down their in use…

Daniele Mandelli

Pleased to hear that Gunbuster.


The irony is that when France occupied Spain 200 years ago, trouncing the Spanish Army in several battles, who was it that liberated them? That’s right, it was the British Army who landed in Portugal, an old ally, and after 4 or 5 years of fighting drove the French from Spain. That’s despite 2 years prior the Spanish/French fleet trying to defeat Nelson at Trafalgar to pave a way for an invasion of Britain. I think they should be grateful this country sacrificed men to liberate them from French rule.


Perhaps, but more likely many with memories of the 20th C will remember how in the 1930s Britain helped condemn Republican Spain by its refusal to support the Republic against the military coup -which led to almost 40 years of Franco.

The Republic might have collapsed anyway in the end, that’s true enough – but Britain’s refusal to lift the arms embargo on Spain only benefited the Fascists.

I guess it all depends which bit of history you’re looking at.

Best Tim


The “Republican” side of the war was no more than a bunch of murdering and monument burning communists. The Fascists were little better but at least they did not engage in wholesale shooting of opposition politicians and burning churches before the war.
A government that loses the faith of most of it’s Armed Forces is not really worth anything. Intervention in Civil Wars is never simple and highly stupid.


@elliott – Seriously? If you want a rather arid and sterile debate on which side was the more murderous in the Spanish civil war, then fine. We can tot up the estimated death tolls (the Fascists killed more, for what it is worth). The issue was not whether the UK or France would have intervened – nobody was hoping for that – the issue was that their enforced arms embargo hindered the Republicans and allowed the Fascists to win (because they were backed by Hitler and Mussolini). Your claim that that Spain’s elected government was not ‘worth anything’ because it… Read more »


Plus the hypocrisy of Spain having enclaves in North Africa.


I was in Gibraltar during Desert Storm. The runway was very busy.
I was crossing the runaway on a motor scooter and a Tornado did a low level fly over. I almost fell off


Time we had an MP for Gibraltar, the Falklands, and the overseas territories.