The Government say they are increasing the British commitment to European security.

This comes as the new Defence Secretary announces a package of support destined for the continent. According to a press release, the Government has outlined what it’s calling a “further commitment to Europe”.

“The Defence Secretary will announce that the UK is stepping up in the Western Balkans. In addition to the troops already based in Kosovo, supporting peace in the country, and our contribution to the EU’s Op Althea in Bosnia and Herzegovina, from next year a Battalion will be held at high readiness to respond to any situation in the region. This will see 600 soldiers ready to move into the region at short notice.”

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said:

“In the face of an increasingly assertive Russia, the UK has significantly stepped up its commitment to Europe and today I can confirm a further package of support, showing how we remain at the forefront on European security.

We are standing by our allies across air; deploying Typhoons to Southern Air Policing in Romania, land; increasing our support to the Kosovo peacekeeping operation, and sea; with HMS Ocean returning to the NATO Standing Maritime Group.”

The Defence Secretary is also expected to welcome the return of HMS Ocean to one of NATO’s Standing Maritime groups, following its redeployment to the Caribbean to help in the hurricane recovery.

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Geoffrey Roach

Defence secretary is expected to WELCOME the return of HMS Ocean to NATO S M G ? A crack or wishful thinking?

Ben P

Neither. It means he is happy that HMS Ocean was able to return to its original duty as flag of a NATO Standing Maritime Group after returning from the Caribbean. Therefore he “welcomes the return of HMS Ocean”

Geoffrey Roach

A bit of banter Ben. Sorry you had to explain it to me!


In other words ‘Goverment announce plans to ‘step up commitment’ to European security to counter Russia, but refuses to step up funding for the armed forces to meet those commitments.


Mr Nail meet Mr Head


Closer yet still closer to conflict. I’d have more confidence in our commitments if there was a commensurate increase in real defense spending. Every day the news is increasingly disquieting in regards the retention of UK defense assets. If we are to place more of our forces in possible danger in Eastern Europe, there should be enough reserve back up and in many cases, such equipment is either stripped of parts or in a scrap yard. Even this week news reached us of further cutbacks in helicopter training overseas, so where does that fit into expanded operations?? If Russia decides… Read more »


Once again a government over commits an under funded military, the next thing they will be complaining that no one wants to join..

Absolutely disgraceful.

Europe still won’t thank or respect us – never has, never will. just keep stabbing us in the back

David Steeper

Pacman27 sadly true.


Well with the first report on the latest defence review to be published next month (Funny enough just before the break up for Christmas) I wonder how the traitors in Parliament are going to erode even further.

Daniele Mandelli

Relax guys I think it is MoD spin.

As per 2015 SDSR, of the UK 3rd Divisions 4 Brigades, 2 are to be kept at high readiness.
If this Infantry Battalion is from these assets it is a typical MoD statement, as assets are kept ready to deploy anyway, so nothing has changed!

And he said “ready to deploy” Which means still in Barracks at Tidworth or Bulford so hardly further stretching our already thin assets as people are predictably posting.

Moving on.


What? – no 178Bn equipment plan????


Ever growing defence budget

Geoffrey Roach

The point is Ron, the defence budget is growing but not as much as we would all like.


Or we’re paying ever more for ever diminishing capability(QEs excepted).

Mr Bell

Paceman 100% right! Spot on. needs to be said our European allies are an ungrateful bunch, wishing to punish us for a democratic vote and have no memory of history on this armistice day. 2.5 million British lives lost in last century trying to defend Europe from Germanic tyrany. Most of our wealth squandered defending Europe and fighting to free Europe in 2 massively costly world wars and all for what? So the EU can tell us we owe them tens of billions £. Just madness we need to give the EU a simple message free trade and no bill… Read more »


Mr Bell – I am very happy to share all your views in that post. Just look at what this country lost in WWII alone in power and influence. And sadly it gave rise to the US dominance that has caused so much grief since. We had to fight the fight and win that fight whatever the cost. But for smug Europeans to forget the lessons of history and lecture us on what WE owe THEM frankly makes me puke. Rough estimates put the financial cost to the UK in 1945 money @ £120 Bn (the human cost is priceless… Read more »


Mr Bell the idea that fighting in WW2 for the UK was somehow all for nothing is ludicrous, as you must surely know. The idea that the EU ‘wishes us harm’ is absurd and indefensible – I know you have an animus against the EU but if you wish this post to be taken seriously you’ll have to do better than this. I could go on but so much of your post is full of inaccuracies and half-truths that I give up. If perhaps you are worried about the UK’s economy post-Brexit don’t you weren’t warned by all and sundry… Read more »


Tim62 – If the EU do not wish us harm why have they deliberately decided to breach the terms of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty by refusing to discuss ‘the future relationship’? And why have they erected impossible demands about the way we leave (none of which are described in Article 50 either)? How can we know what to pay when we do not know the shape of the future Trade Deal? (We by the way have offered a Free Trade deal and £20 Bn over two years) How can we decide on the Irish Border without knowing the… Read more »

Mr Bell

Tim62 I defer you to Chris’s reply. well said. Nothing else to add except my point about WW1 and WW2 were the principle of sacrifice to our own and their (meaning European) friendship. They are ungrateful, they are forgetful to the point of insult. If Tim62 disagrees then I would be insulted to the point of thinking him a baboon. The loss of British lives fighting for yes our own freedom but also the European freedom dictates that we we should be treated with respect and gratitude anything less is insulting. on another note the costs of UK maintaining RAF… Read more »