The U.S. State Department has approved a potential Foreign Military Sale to Greece, valued at an estimated $268 million.

The sale includes 63 AAVP-7A1, 9 AAVC-7A1, and 4 AAVR-7A1 Assault Amphibious Vehicles, along with 63 50-Calibre Machine Guns, MK-19 Grenade Launchers, M36E T1 Thermal Sighting Systems, support equipment, training, technical manuals, and other related services.

The U.S. State Department says that the proposed sale aims to support U.S. foreign policy and national security objectives by enhancing the security of NATO ally Greece, promoting political stability and economic progress in Europe.

The sale, they add, will improve Greece’s capability to protect its maritime interests and infrastructure as the country contributes to NATO operations, counterterrorism, and counter-piracy efforts.

Here’s the sale notice.

“The State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to the Government of Greece of Assault Amphibious Vehicles (AAVs) and related equipment for an estimated cost of $268 million. The Defense Security Cooperation Agency delivered the required certification notifying Congress of this possible sale today.

The Government of Greece has requested to buy sixty-three (63) Assault Amphibious Vehicles, Personnel Variant (AAVP-7A1), nine (9) Assault Amphibious Vehicles, Command Variant (AAVC-7A1), four (4) Assault Amphibious Vehicles, Recovery Variant (AAVR-7A1), and sixty-three (63) 50-Caliber Machine Guns (Heavy Barrel). Also included are MK-19 Grenade Launchers, M36E T1 Thermal Sighting Systems (TSS), supply support (spare parts), support equipment (including special mission kits/tools/Enhanced Applique Kits (EAAK)), training, technical manuals (UNCLASSIFIED), technical data, U.S. Government and contractor engineering, technical support and assistance (including Contractor Engineering Technical Services (CETS)), Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) management services, parts obsolescence remediation, calibration services, transportation, Follow-on Support (FOS), Return, Repair and Reshipment of unserviceable repairable

items/equipment, applicable software and apparel, and other related elements of logistics and program support. The estimated total cost is $268 million.

This proposed sale will support the foreign policy and national security objectives of the United States by helping to improve the security of a NATO ally, which is an important partner for political stability and economic progress in Europe.

This proposed sale will improve Greece’s capability to meet current and future threats by providing an effective capability to protect maritime interests and infrastructure in support of its strategic location on NATO’s southern flank. Greece contributes to NATO operations, as well as to counterterrorism and counter-piracy maritime efforts. Greece will have no difficulty absorbing these articles and services into its armed forces.

The proposed sale of this equipment and support will not alter the basic military balance in the region. There is not a principal contractor associated with this potential sale. Consequently, there are no known offset agreements proposed in connection with this potential sale.

Implementation of this proposed sale will not require the assignment of U.S. Government personnel, but will require one (1) contractor representative, Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) position to Greece to deliver Assault Amphibious Vehicles, related equipment and support.

There will be no adverse impact on U.S. defense readiness as a result of this proposed sale. This notice of a potential sale is required by law. The description and dollar value is for the highest estimated quantity and dollar value based on initial requirements. Actual dollar value will be lower depending on final requirements, budget authority, and signed sales agreement(s), if and when concluded.”

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Mr Bell
Mr Bell (@guest_713414)
1 year ago

Significant amphibious warfare capability being purchased here. Wonder why the Greeks are committing to such a force?
What threat are these 70 vehicles countering?
Looking at the Hellenic navy order of battle the Greek’s don’t seem to have the lift capability to deploy this entire force onto one objective.

Mark (@guest_713417)
1 year ago
Reply to  Mr Bell

I would presume it’s to help counter Turkish moves around the Greek islands, or at least be seen to do so.

PeterS (@guest_713420)
1 year ago
Reply to  Mr Bell

They have 5 tank landing ships each claimed to have a capacity of 15 AAVs. Quite a powerful force with one obvious potential enemy in mind.

Frank62 (@guest_713457)
1 year ago
Reply to  Mr Bell

Turkey. Huge animosity between the two nations & with virtual dictator Erdogan destabilising the region the threat is heightened. Also remember Greece has loads of Islands, so amphibious forces are essential.

Sean (@guest_713513)
1 year ago
Reply to  Frank62

Agreed. Given Erdogan’s failing popularity and the potential for a greater outcry over the lack of enforcement of earthquake-resistant building regulations, he may decide to to try and divert attention with an external enemy; eg the Galtieri ploy.

Dern (@guest_713526)
1 year ago
Reply to  Mr Bell


AlexS (@guest_713678)
1 year ago
Reply to  Mr Bell

They have the 4 Russian Zubr hovercraft and 5 4000t LSD’s of own making.

peter wait
peter wait (@guest_713487)
1 year ago

Wonder how they will find the money with their nation debt rising to 318 billion ?

Silvergunner (@guest_713506)
1 year ago
Reply to  peter wait

The USA Taxpayer will foot the bill! The EU is not in a position to extdnd further credit to an economy not zble to meet its current national expenditure! Surprise? Not really – US Taxpayer is not even aware!!!!😆

peter wait
peter wait (@guest_714596)
1 year ago
Reply to  Silvergunner

Not a good advert for Euro currency, it allowed the Greek Government to borrow too much at lower interest rates while tax revenue was falling. It made German goods cheaper for the Greeks , pushed up cost of holidays in Greece further damaging their economy!

BigH1979 (@guest_713551)
1 year ago

Are these secondhand USMC vehicles then? Surely AAV’s are out of produbtion now? The design is pretty old now.

Watcherzero (@guest_713560)
1 year ago
Reply to  BigH1979

Its a brave purchase, they were withdrawn from service in the US because one sank killing all its occupants and the USMC believed the design was no longer seaworthy.

AlexS (@guest_713674)
1 year ago
Reply to  Watcherzero

I am sorry to say but the crew was lost because of own faults. Yes the vehicle had failures but they had enough time to all escape turn back and escape again.

Yes these are 2nd hand purchases. USMC is now buying the BAE-IVECO ACV.

Graham (@guest_715869)
1 year ago

I wonder why we have never considered tracked assault vehicles for RM?