HMS Daring, Type 45 destroyer, has been tasked with protecting merchant vessels and Royal Navy ships sailing through the Bab al-Mandeb strait.

The destroyer also escorted the Joint Expeditionary Force task group including Devonport-based HMS Bulwark, flagship HMS Ocean, and the MV Eddystone Point.

The ship will also be operating as part of Combined Task Force 150 and will use its Royal Navy and Royal Marines boarding teams to conduct counter piracy, counter terrorist and counter smuggling operations.

According to a press release, its main effort is to disrupt terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda and Al Shabab and deter piracy and other unlawful activities at sea in an area spanning from the Suez Canal, through the Red Sea, Indian Ocean and into the Gulf of Oman.

Commander Philip Dennis, the Commanding Officer of HMS Daring, said:

“Weโ€™re proud to be helping keep ships in the region safe but it only represents a fraction of what the Royal Navy does.

With 8,000 people deployed, from HMS Portland in the South Atlantic to HMS Ocean in the Gulf, the Royal Navy is meeting commitments around the globe while investing in new technology.”

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Hope they have the jump leads

Paul Taunton

Good point – or a push start from the Iranians!!!


๐Ÿ™‚ Paul and Jim but also maybe crying would be more appropriate. I would have thought the Engine problems with the 45’s would be considered an emergency and that remedials would be put in hand immediately!


The problems with the T45 have been maximised in the media but haven’t stopped them being successfully deployed around the world. Still it gives a few unoriginal types to trot out the same old “jokes” !


That may be so Jack but the fact remains that Typw 45’s have broken down several times in hot weather conditions. If this was to happen in a conflict situation and a Carrier was to lose a vital escort then the consequences could be disastrous. How have the press exagerrated the engine failures that now need a costly and time consuming complete engine swop in 6 new Destroyers?


Good point Jeff and all the more reason the carriers need their own point defence missiles! I can’t believe the RN would even entertain the idea of putting such a huge investment to sea with only 3 Phalanx CIWS pea-shooters to defend it last ditch! We are told that missiles would take up too much space internally and therefore detract from the tempo of sorties that could be run off her decks but we all know this is crap and the real reason is there no money to fit them. Typical British procurement – overpriced, underarmed and late!


Your last sentence sadly too true David


I remember HMS Daring also had a power failure in the north sea when it was undergoing trials. The crew had to identify missiles and aircraft with binoculars during an attack simulation. I wonder if it is related to the current issues and if so how long it’s been known?