The beleaguered vessels will spend several more months as “harbour training ships”, before entering refit and rejoining the fleet.

HMS Lancaster will enter refit around the middle of 2017 with Dauntless having work done towards the end.

HMS Lancaster had been placed into “extended readiness” earlier in the year, (read mothballs).

Fears that the vessel would spend the rest of her career tied up alonsgide before being disposed of have now been calmed. The vessel will enter refit and subsequently rejoin the active fleet.

It’s no secret that HMS Dauntless has endured the most issues relating to the widely reported propulsion issues currently found in the Type 45 Destroyers. While a remedy is being worked on and the vessel will eventually return to operations, this will not be for at least one year.

A parliamentary written question had confirmed what many feared, that the vessel would not be leaving Portsmouth for some time.

Asked by Douglas Chapman (MP for Dunfermline and West Fife)

“To ask the Secretary of State for Defence, whether HMS Dauntless is being used as a harbour training and accommodation ship.”

Answered by Philip Dunne (then Minister of State for Defence Procurement)

“The introduction of Engineering Training Ships is an important component of the Royal Navy’s comprehensive programme to improve training and career development opportunities by increasing training capacity.

Ships in the operating cycle immediately ahead of refit will be used to deliver training alongside home Bases and Ports. HMS DAUNTLESS entered this profile in February this year.

A reduced Ship’s Company reside on board as normal, augmented by trainees who use the opportunity to gain experience through development activities in a realistic environment.”

The information comes to light via a response to a question asked by Lord West of Spithead in the House of Lords:

“To ask Her Majesty’s Government when the refits of HMS Dauntless and HMS Lancaster will commence.”

The answer came from Earl Howe:

“On current plans, the refit for HMS LANCASTER will commence in mid 2017 and the refit for HMS DAUNTLESS is scheduled for the end of 2017.”

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David Southern

So at present Portsmouth has the best air defences in the world!


The two ships are rejoining the fleet and won’t be firing missiles from Portsmouth harbour.

andy reeves

maybe one of them can take over from the sweepers ‘escorting’ russian warships around our shores


i hope, if there’s anyone there who knows which buttons to press


No mention that another 45 will replace Dauntless alongside, no doubt another 23 will replace Lancaster.


You know nothing about future plans, I would guess.

andy reeves

and you do?


nobody knows because nothing is ever in the public domain the M.O.D only drip feeds information .


Lancaster was towed to Devonport for refit I believe. When, I wonder, was the last time that happened?
Surely the majority of ships in recent times were at least able to make the journey into refit under their own power?


she went into mothballs/refit under her own power, if she was towed to devonport, i think that is is overkill and a waste of resources.


5 out of the 6 Daring class destroyers are currently in Portsmouth for varying reasons, diamond and defender have recently returned from sea under their own power, I believe all have endured similar problems over the years.
Need to get it sorted or our entire fleet will be useless .

andy reeves

my son is on duncan and says that the ship is so good, not a lightbulb has been replaced yet. so much for the usual’ doomsday drivel from the media.


with current tensions around the globe, i think the GOVERNMENT SHOULD be cracking the whip and telling the yards to pull their fingers out and that those ship not available to the fleet, have priority over everything.