HMS Spey recently concluded a productive stay in Okinawa, Japan, marked by a significant watch handover and the awarding of the King’s Coronation Medal to several crew members.

During their time in Okinawa, the crew took the opportunity to recognise its members’ exceptional service. The King’s Coronation Medal was presented to select crew members in recognition of their dedication and hard work.

The ship’s visit to Okinawa was part of its broader mission in the Indo-Pacific region, where it continues to play a crucial role in maintaining maritime security and fostering international partnerships.

The vessel is a Batch 2 River-class offshore patrol vessel, designed for a variety of missions including counter-piracy, anti-smuggling, fishery protection, and humanitarian aid. Equipped with advanced navigation and communication systems, the ship can operate independently or as part of a task force.

Last month, HMS Spey conducted a surveillance patrol in support of United Nations sanctions against North Korea.

British warship carries out patrol off North Korea

It was the twelfth time a Royal Navy vessel engaged in such activities since 2018.

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Baker (@guest_833338)
10 days ago

Just to add a rather silly comparison that bares no real significance whatsoever. The WW11 Battle class Destroyers had a displacement of @ 500 tn’s more, mounted 5 times 4.5 inch guns, 10 times 21 inch torpedo tubes, 8 times 40mm AA Guns and could reach nearly 36 knots.

Dern (@guest_833391)
10 days ago
Reply to  Baker

The Pelorus Class Protected Cruisers had the same displacement as River, a speed of 20 knts and was armed with 8 104mm guns, 8 47mm guns and 2 18 inch torpedo tubes.

While I’m at it, RMS Carmania displaced 19,000 tonnes, could manage 20 knots, and was armed with 8x120mm guns.

I can keep going, so:
Your point being exactly what?

Jon (@guest_834388)
7 days ago
Reply to  Baker

And they were criticised for not having enough guns.