Italian Eurofighter jets are joining Bulgarian MiG-29 fighter jets for joint air policing of allied airspace over Bulgaria.
This is part of NATO’s enhanced air policing measures, the mission will last until October.

In addition to ensuring the safety of Bulgaria’s skies, the joint patrols will improve the ability of Bulgarian and Italian pilots to work together according to the alliance. The mission is also reportedly a demonstration of Allied solidarity.

Allied aircraft regularly patrol NATO’s airspace together. In the summer of 2016, for instance, American F-15 fighter jets joined the Bulgarian Airforce for a similar mission.

Bulgaria’s MiG-29 fighter jets have been part of NATO’s Integrated Air and Missile Defence System since 2004, when Bulgaria joined NATO. The system safeguards Allied airspace and its users.


  1. Blimey – just read that Bulgaria only has 9 operational MIG29s, while its SU25s are not serviceable. No wonder it wanted to join NATO.

  2. NATO gas a problem. They have admitted too many Eastern European countries that bring nothing to the defence coalition other than token forces. Rob is right. 9 old Mig 29s is hardly an impressive air force able to protect its own airspace.
    Are these Eastern European and Baltic countries trying hard as a national maximum effort to resolve their weak defences? No, they are happy to rely on NATO and thus by default UK armed forces for their defence.
    Madness, NATO should insist that those nations currently too militarily weak have to spend 5-10% GDP to defence ratio to rapidly build up their military capability.
    meanwhile countries that are rich but do not pay their 2% subs eg Germany, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Italy should all have to pay for collective defence assets such as SSNs, our nuclear deterrent which they all live under its protective umbrella, our carrier strike etc.
    current situation very unfair, they get to spend on health, education, infrastructure etc whilst we pay for military capability they benefit from as NATO members.
    EU needs to remember these facts. If they hand uk a Brexit bill we should issue one to the EU for £500 billion as their inflation adjusted bill for uk defending them for the last 60+ years. What do you think about that short-memoried Tusk and EU cronies?


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