Kuwait becomes the eighth country to invest in Typhoon combat aircraft.

The Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has welcomed Kuwait to the Typhoon family after the State became the eighth country to invest in this battle proven, multi-role combat aircraft.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said:

This is very positive news. The UK and Kuwait enjoy a long, historic and close relationship. Kuwait’s decision to select Typhoon represents a vote of confidence in this world class aircraft and will further strengthen our defence and security cooperation over the years ahead.

This is also very positive for jobs across the British aerospace and defence industry. Typhoon aircraft have already been purchased by seven nations around the globe and play a vital role for the RAF in defending UK interests across the world: striking against Daesh, securing British skies, protecting the Falkland Islands and helping to guard Baltic air space.

Kuwait’s choice is recognition of the wide range of capabilities of this multi-role combat aircraft on the whole range of air operations, as well as its potential to stay at the forefront of military capability for many years.



  1. Great news, they will have the AESA radar from the get go.

    Any idea why Finmeccanica/Italy were lead in what I assumed would have been a BAE/UK ‘historic’ market?

  2. Mirages did not save the Kuwaitis last time one of their Arab brothers went berserk. Typhoons will not save them in any future dingdong with their family. But good for jobs in UK and that is all that matters I suppose!


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