Saab has received an order from the Latvian Armed Forces for deliveries of the shoulder-launched disposable AT4 weapon system.

Deliveries will take place in 2021.

The order is the third placed within the framework agreement signed in 2017 between Saab and Latvian Armed Forces. The framework agreement allows the Latvian Armed Forces to place orders for AT4 systems.

“This order demonstrates the customer’s belief in our AT4 system and in Saab. We are proud to provide our customers with AT4 systems that fulfils their specific demands and needs”, says Görgen Johansson, head of Saab business area Dynamics.

Saab’s single shot AT4 weapon system is combat proven and provides the capabilities required for mission success, including night and confined space capabilities. Since the introduction in the mid 1980’s, the AT4 has been exported to more than 15 countries worldwide.

The AT4 is a preloaded single shot weapon that is disposed once used. The design is based on the earlier Miniman, but features a larger caliber rocket. The larger caliber allows for a larger warhead and 84mm was chosen in order to reuse many components from the Carl Gustav recoilless rifle.
The smoothbore rigid launch tube is made from fibreglass. The launch tube includes a forward grip, flip up sights with adjustable rear sight and trigger button.
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Steve H
Steve H
2 years ago

Obviously, they’ll practice on T-72’s and all its variants, maybe a few T-80’s and 90’s even.

David Barry
David Barry
2 years ago

Having argued for 2% of GDP, the military had to spend the money after the clamour of other GDs the underspend balance; portable goes with the Army ethos.