Leonardo has signed contracts worth more than £100 million with Airbus to provide avionics maintenance for both German and Spanish Eurofighter Typhoon fleets.

The contracts with Germany and Spain follow the establishment of arrangements tailored to Typhoon partner nations Italy and the UK.

The Italian Air Force was the first Eurofighter Typhoon user to procure an availability-based maintenance service arrangement in 2008, developing the Avionic Maintenance Centre (CMA) model with Leonardo. Leonardo state that CMA sees support provided at the Air Force’s Typhoon base of operations, and provides a guaranteed turnaround time for Typhoon maintenance.

According to a press release issued this week:

“The Italian Air Force recently demonstrated their satisfaction by renewing the contract. In 2016, Leonardo joined BAE Systems under the TyTAN (Typhoon Total Availability Enterprise) initiative, with the two companies agreeing to support UK Typhoons for the next 10 years.

As well as keeping the fleets at a high state of readiness, these two long-term availability-based contracts are designed to generate cost savings for the partner nations, significant portions of which are expected to be reinvested in programmes aimed at further developing the aircraft’s capabilities.”

Leonardo is responsible for around 36% of the Typhoon’s programme value, which includes parts of the aircraft’s structure, avionics and on-board electronics.

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