Three people are believed to have been killed in Glasgow city centre, it is also understood that a police officer has been stabbed.

Six people are being treated in hospital for injuries, including a police officer in a ‘critical but stable’ condition. The suspect has been shot dead by police.

Statement from Police Scotland  Assistant Chief Constable Steve Johnson:

“We are continuing to deal with the incident on West George Street Glasgow and would ask people to avoid the area. However, I would like to reassure the public that this is a contained incident and that the wider public is not at risk. Armed police officers attended the incident and I can confirm that a male suspect was shot by an armed officer. I would like to reassure the public that at this time we are not looking for anyone else in relation to this incident. I can also confirm that a police officer was injured while dealing with the incident and that officer is receiving treatment in hospital.”

Witness Craig Milroy told the PA news agency:

“I saw a man lying on the ground, of African descent, with no shoes on. He was on the ground with someone holding his side – I don’t know if it was a bullet wound, a stab wound, or what it was.”

More on this as it develops.

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George – why are you reporting non-defence items again? Leads to loads of unnecessary comments – all off-topic for this site. This has been reported on the BBC already.


Agreed. There are a million places to get non defense news. Why must we see it on a defense web site like this?

Mark B

I may be way off the mark but perhaps George is not happy with the quality of the news on other sites and maybe he is considering providing some competition?

Peter Shaw

This is unncessary news on a defence site unless the suspect was involved in a larger terrorist activity. Therefore, please do not include such superfluous news content on this site. I know it is a free site but come on stick to the core news. One comment off topic would be that the 1951 asylum convention needs to be re-written for the 21st century. A good use of the FCO overseas aid budget would be to set up safe zones in war torn countries and ensure people are shipped half way around the world by human traffickers. That way we… Read more »


Larger? Isnt three innocent People enough!

Peter Shaw

To be honest nothing shocks me anymore in the UK – that in itself is shocking that it doesn’t shock me. We’ve almost become indifferent to terrorist atrocities – we name them other things like mental illness etc. I think we can expect even more in the UK in the future. The UK has become balkanised with allowing huge numbers of asylum seekers from all different types of third world countries with their own social mores to exist in the UK. When I was young to qualify as an asylum seeker you had to be someone heavily involved in politics… Read more »


Yeah it’s sad how innocent deaths by foreign people are to be expected these days!


Whilst I agree with the below, this is the first news article where the person’s physical appearance has been described and it has been mentioned to be a terrorist attack. So thanks george. I’m not sure why the media are suddenly down playing terrorist attacks after all the blm coverage. maybe it’s linked? Maybe they are scared of a wlm? One can only speculate


They do it constantly! White man bad!… why can’t we just get told the facts! People need to know.

Peter Shaw

You know Cam we had an academic that says “white lives don’t matter”. In fact the academic went much further than that in terms of what they said (read the full text of what that academic said and it is appalling). In essence this was incitement to violence in my opinion but no police investigation. A white man provides a banner saying “white lives matter” is investigated by the police. We live in a world that is upside down where right is wrong and wrong is right. I seem to have awoken in an alternative parallel universe. We also have… Read more »

Daniele Mandelli

I agree Peter. I shared her tweet here on the other thread.


Shame how free speech has also ended…


Happy black pound day guys

If you’re spending today make sure it’s a black owned business


Peter Shaw

When is white pound day? Indeed where is the white police officers assocation….white solicitors association….or the white lawyers directory…racism one way is so hypocritical isn’t it. Where will it end?



Andy P

These ‘non defence’ articles are producing some ‘interesting’ responses eh ?

Peter Shaw

No not really people are just fed up of squeals of racism at everything and everyone. Everyone wants a world based upon talent and capability but this is more about chip on the shoulder angst or the world is against me rubbish. The working class in England were almost like slaves during the 17th to 19th century. They suffered terrible industrial accidents and diseases like phossy jaw in match factories that literally made their faces melt. The famous mathematician Ramujan lamented the abject conditions of the white working class when he observed them when he arrived in London. He said… Read more »

Andy P

I can’t really argue with most of that Peter, I’m largely of the same opinion, my statement was quite open though, you seem quite happy to assume I was having a pop at people who like ‘you’ though and ‘justify’ what didn’t need to be justified. This place really isn’t the platform to debate the highly nuanced issues with race (at least for me), Christ its mostly bickering over how many guns we should have on ships and how crap the MOD are and plenty don’t play nicely so I’m not sure why anyone would want to toss their hat… Read more »

Peter Shaw

Yes I would agree Andy. It’s just seeing the UK defence journal posting stuff up like they are virtue signalling. It’s got nothing to do with defence which is why I read this journal which is usually very good. I know a majority of people in the UK now are sick to the back teeth with violence, rioting and crime as well as BLM movements. I believe in equality for all and to deal with structural issues if they are there but through democratic non-violent means. I just get frustrated with the constant battering of white people in the media… Read more »

Andy P

Fair do’s Peter, like you, I didn’t exactly grow up ‘rolling in it’ myself. The media have been poor over the whole BLM stuff, there has been a narrative all the way through from them, anything that doesn’t fit doesn’t get reported (Donald Dorn is worth a look) but it will pass, colour me cynical but not much if anything will change and those who are showing us all how much THEY care will soon be back to wanting to ban Trident or whatever other ‘noble cause’ comes along. Its not just the media though, the EPL have bought into… Read more »


There are actually far more slaves today than back when the west dine it… but no no it’s all white peoples faults and only white people have or had slaves! Africans has loads of slaves! They still do….

Peter Shaw

Let’s hope the UK defence journal sticks to defence matters. It just winds people up when they start trying to virtue signal. It’s not needed and much better if they focus on the excellent defence writing they usually have. I’m very disappointed in the last couple of days as it is usually a joy to read the well written defence articles. It was my last bastion of news as I avoid the MSN like the plagued.