MBDA will provide the Italian Navy with the new ‘Teseo Evolved Weapon System’, namely the Teseo Mk2/E.

MBDA say that the new generation system builds on the legacy Teseo family, known worldwide as OTOMAT, and will bring a substantial improvement in anti-ship capabilities.

“Teseo Mk2/E will efficiently engage both sea and land targets at very long range, with full mission control throughout the missile flight. The system will have an innovative integrated mission planning and a new RF seeker, with options for additional features and capabilities in the future.

Teseo Mk2/E is the answer to evolving threats that generate the need to evolve operational requirements. This solution is the result of joint MBDA and Italian Navy technical and programme activities over the past three years that matured the concept of this advanced system.”

It is understood that the Teseo Mk2/E missile system will equip the next generation destroyer (DDX) and could replace the previous Mk2/A version onboard FREMM and Horizon class frigates.

The new multi-purpose Offshore Patrol Vessels (PPA – Pattugliatori Polivalenti d’Altura), currently in production, are already fit for Teseo Mk2/E installation.

Eric Béranger, CEO of MBDA, said here:

“I want here to give a special thanks to Italian Navy, governmental and all MBDA teams who worked hard, also against all disruptions created by the pandemic, to bring this important contract to life. MBDA Group considers Teseo Mk2/E as a major programme and will be fully committed to the successful outcome of this new development. The new Teseo Mk2/E builds on a product line that is well recognised around the world and will support long into the future, the attractiveness of our naval products on export markets.”

Lorenzo Mariani, Executive Group Director Sales and Business Development and Managing Director MBDA Italia, said:

“The Teseo Mk2/E has been defined and designed thanks to an intense collaboration between the Italian Navy and MBDA. This new anti-ship missile will mark a step change in the OTOMAT/Teseo family, keep up with ever evolving threats and feature advanced functions to support the Italian Navy operations that will significantly increase the flexibility and operational value of the Italian Navy surface ships that will be equipped with it. This contract will also help sustain high level skills in a domain of excellence of the Italian defence industry and will contribute to guarantee the sustainability of our company and its suppliers, as well as its Italian employment levels in the years to come.”

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James Fennell

Janes are reporting that a new 30 year plan / pipeline for all government procured shipping will be annouced by Wallace next week. https://www.janes.com/defence-news/news-detail/uk-set-for-shipbuilding-strategy-refresh

Last edited 7 days ago by James Fennell
Levi Goldsteinberg

About bloody time too. Finally shipbuilding can actually build a strategy

Robert Blay.

Good news indeed 🇬🇧


I thought it said Tesco!!


Should’ve gone to Specsavers…….or Vision Express who operate from Tesco😂


Me too, I take it the U.K. will be getting theirs from Lidl’s

Last edited 6 days ago by Farouk

No we’ll get ours from Harrods…..but we’ll be able to afford one of them!


Will there be a BOGOF offer?

Steve R

More like Poundland!

Mike O

Teseo! Every little helps!


I think the RN looked at Otomat at one time. Wonder if its in the frame for the interim AShM.

Paul T

Don’t think its on the list AFAIK.

john melling

It’s still a popular missile
I think this new /E “Evolved” version is almost double the range at more than 360km or 223 miles.

Last edited 7 days ago by john melling
Paul T

With the benefit of hindsight what could have become of Sea Eagle if the MOD had selected it instead of Harpoon ?.

Captain P Wash

“Every little helps”

Andy a

I know little about their “Tesco”missle does anyone know why Uk isn’t considering it?


Their loyalty card offers substantial discounts on other products


30 years is too long a timeframe, 25 years is more appropriate as it fits into the carrier and submarine lifecycles far better.

ultimately a 25 year cycle should produce 25 escorts, or 1 per year.

ultimately whatever the cycle, we need to have a drumbeat of 0.5 subs per annum, 0.5 Large Support, 1 Large Escort, 1 Corvette and 100 enabling vessels.

this will maintain current overall numbers and get the pricing down and the drumbeat up – whilst hopefully increasing the quality as well.


Shit at first glance I thought it was a Tesco missile!


Keep up soldier!


I’m doing my best, far to many modern acronims, even I’m getting lost!


I gave up trying with the acronyms….DM can real them off like a shopping list and usually loses me in the first sentence!


I used to be a ninja at it, as it was everyday speak, now, boom I’m always playing catch up. Yep, DMs subject matter knowledge is impressive, and his acronym usage is a way of saving hundreds of typed words lol

Steve R

I misread that for a moment as “Tesco Evolved Weapon System,” and thought Christ; they’re branching out a bit!