MBDA has introduced its new Land Cruise Missile (LCM) system, a ground-launched Deep Precision Strike capability, at the Eurosatory 2024 exhibition in Paris.

The system aims to address the evolving strategic needs of modern battlefields, according to a company press release.

The LCM system is based on the technology of the Naval Cruise Missile (NCM), which is currently in service with the French Navy. This new missile system is designed, produced, and assembled in Europe, providing a unique sovereign solution for deep strike capabilities say the company.

Eric Béranger, CEO of MBDA, commented on the new system, stating that it complements MBDA’s existing portfolio and demonstrates the company’s ability to meet diverse operational requirements. “Building on the track record of the Naval Cruise Missile, MBDA demonstrates its ability to cover the full spectrum of operational requirements for our customers while generating synergies across our deep strike portfolio to ensure battle-readiness,” he said.

The company say the LCM system offers long-range precision, high survivability against integrated air defence systems, and significant lethality against targets. It features synchronised time-on-target capability, a feature that was recently demonstrated by the French Navy.

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Tullzter (@guest_827753)
1 day ago

Now make a nuclear launched variant and revive the nuclear triad

Quentin D63
Quentin D63 (@guest_827764)
1 day ago
Reply to  Tullzter

I wonder if the tech in this missile will make its way into the FC/ASW as it sounds a bit Scalp/Storm Shsdow-esk?

Spyinthesky (@guest_828213)
31 minutes ago
Reply to  Quentin D63

I would say yes. When we discussed a few months back the two missile FC/ASW program and the relative very different dates of entry into service it became obvious the 2028 date would not be feasible with a ‘new’ missile and someone (I forget who) mentioned the Naval Cruise Missile (MdCN). This explained we felt how the land attack missile will be so much sooner in service than the anti ship version, ie it will be a derivative of the NCM or developed from it, whereas the anti ship missile while sharing some content no doubt, will be a much… Read more »

Old Tony
Old Tony (@guest_827783)
1 day ago

Range ?

Elio (@guest_827785)
1 day ago

What capabilities is the land attack part of FCASW due to have over the NCM/LCM?

Peter S
Peter S (@guest_827806)
1 day ago

No details yet given by MBDA on range. Scalp has a 1400 km range from surface ships and 1000 km when submarine launched.
If the new LACM missile is to be in service by 2028, it is likely to be another development of the existing Storm Shadow/ Scalp family.
The new joint anti ship missile will probably take longer to develop.

Tullzter (@guest_827812)
1 day ago
Reply to  Peter S

do you mean the NcM? Scalp EG has an operational range of around 550 Km i believe, unless i’m mistaken

lordtemplar (@guest_827840)
1 day ago
Reply to  Tullzter

yes he means MdCN which has a range of 1400km when ship launched.
as you said Scalp is the air launched missile with a range of around 500km

Spyinthesky (@guest_828216)
9 minutes ago
Reply to  lordtemplar

Indeed it’s from that missile (MdCN) and this derivative, the new Land Attack missile will be a further development of I’m sure, though it does have some SCALP legacy in it I believe. Storm Shadow/Scalp is a metre shorter and 1000kg lighter (1350/1450 approx) so you can get an idea where changes might take place for an air launched missile over ground launched forbear, though new tech will no doubt help to a degree to retain most of that extra range hopefully, but time will tell.

Last edited 9 minutes ago by Spyinthesky
Spyinthesky (@guest_828218)
1 minute ago
Reply to  Spyinthesky

In respect of that it will be interesting to see if this new missile has the same mass/performance as the Naval version it derives from. Can’t find any information on that presently.