Plans to privatise the MGS have been met with resistance from the Public and Commercial Services and have raised concerns with the public.

In recent years the MoD has placed great efforts into exploring and testing processes by which defence outsourcing may relieve budget constraints and close gaps on deficiencies whilst maintaining defence capabilities.

The move could be seen as a positive for the UK Security Industry, if the move were to be implemented and maintained without fault it could change the perceptions of both the public and policy makers as to the viability and suitability of defence security outsourcing within the UK.

In a statement made by the PCS on 03rd March their representative said:

“The MoD has its own in-house bid team which will compete against the private firms seeking to run the service and which is backed by the MoD trade unions. We remain sceptical, however, at the resources that will be allocated to this team and just how serious an effort the MoD will make to retain control of the service.”

The proposed system could affect the jobs of up to 400 staff at Faslane and Coulport and many speculate that the move could cause security deficiencies at the nuclear sites.


  1. Private security will not have the legal right to use lethal force to defend an MOD site or its personnel. For this reason alone using private security firms is a none starter. What is next privatise the nuclear deterrent? Some things we cannot privatise and have to keep in public control. Sorry Torries the whole country is not up for sale to your chums from Eton.