A multinational team of evaluators from Allied Air Command conducted a so-called Capability Evaluation of German integrated Air and Missile Defence units in the northernmost part of Germany this week.

The team reviewed the capability of Air and Missile Defence Wing 1 together with its three PATRIOT groups against NATO standards. Allied Air Command’s Evaluation and Standards Division regularly performs such evaluations of Allied military units.

The team of 140 evaluators from 20 NATO Nations reviewed and assessed how confident the soldiers were in executing the different phases of an Air Defence operation. The focus was particularly on checking the professional preparation and deployment of involved units as well as reaching operational readiness.

The staff’s core competences, i.e. the defence against tactical ballistic missiles and aircraft were also assessed.

Approximately 1,000 soldiers were employed in the exercise scenario, and they had to implement the complete range of decision-making and activities required in the tactical execution of integrated air defence. Complexity was added to the task when the main mission had to be geared to logistical requirements e.g. by instantaneously replacing or repairing systems that were down.

In practical terms this means constantly defending against attacks by enemy forces, tending to wounded comrades and responding appropriately to unexpected events such as protests by local populations against NATO forces.

The programme is also designed to highlight strong points of evaluated forces, sharing best Tactics, Techniques and Procedures amongst Allies and to identify areas of concern, making appropriate recommendations.

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