Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller welcomed European Commissioner for the Security Union Sir Julian King to NATO on Thursday, for talks on how NATO and the EU can work more closely together to counter hybrid warfare.

Hybrid tactics, which include cyber-attacks, disinformation and economic interference, are increasingly used against NATO and EU member countries.

Ms. Gottemoeller noted that Russia has used hybrid actions, malicious cyber activities and widespread disinformation campaigns to undermine Euro-Atlantic security. Allies have also expressed concerns about attempts by Russia to interfere in the upcoming European elections. In response to such challenges, NATO and the European Union are stepping up their cooperation.

NATO and the EU already cooperate closely in the cyber domain, including with exercises, and by sharing real-time warnings on cyber threats. NATO and EU countries have also taken steps to better defend against hybrid warfare, including by establishing the European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats in Helsinki, focused on how to counter tactics like cyber-attacks and propaganda.

The Deputy Secretary General called the Centre a real boost for cooperation between the EU and NATO, as hybrid activities have become a permanent feature of Europe’s security environment. She added that NATO has also established Counter Hybrid Support Teams, which can provide assistance to Allies in preparing for and responding to hybrid threats.

Today’s talks focused on a broad range of issues, including improved warning and intelligence sharing. Also on the agenda were issues linked to the supply chain security of IT products and cyber as a tool to spread disinformation. NATO’s top officials regularly engage with EU leaders and Commissioners, as part of the strong cooperation between NATO and the EU. NATO and the EU will continue to consult regularly on cyber, hybrid and counter terrorism challenges.

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Wonder if Sir Julian will be out of a job by the end of this week?


I think we are in for a long period whereby the EU delude themselves about their ability to defend themselves against anything and everything without the assistance of any English speaking country or their inhabitants. To be fair everyone needs to up their game. In reality I suspect cooperation will continue behind the scenes where common sense prevails.

Mr Bell

I see the EU has decided that the UK will be seen as a “security risk” on the Galileo project and has cancelled plans for support stations in the Falklands and on Ascension Island. Nice Does beg the question if we are a security risk why are the UKs armed forces allowed to be deployed within the federal superstate to help protect it? Happy for the UKs armed forces to risk their lives for you but not happy for the UK’s overseas territories to be paid to base Galileo ground stations on Meanwhile the UK needs to forge ahead with… Read more »


Yes probably designed to force us to stay in the EU. Historically the UK has not taken bullying that well. If necessary we will build our own – cheaper and better.

Daniele Mandelli

We were involved with much / most of the crypt for it any way.

We have the tech for those satellites.

Reading on the BBC about how much the UK will suffer with security co operation the writer clearly has not heard or chooses to ignore 5 eyes.

We are members. They are not.

It is in both sides interest to co operate with regards to terrorists and hopefully common sense prevails.

As for wider intelligence matters concerning worldwide sigint, the GCHQ say hi.


Couldn’t agree more Daniele.


NATO should start being concerned about some very basic things as well – such as:



Russia tried hybrid warfare in syria on the yanks ,result ,200 dead Russian wangner mercs.

Mr Bell

Agree with the principle of investing in 5th+ 6th gen aircraft but the threat is not from Russia. They are so impoverished they cannot afford the PAK50, SU35 or any other advanced 4.5/ 5th gen platform in enough numbers to threaten NATO.
The real threat comes from a resurgent China who purchase modern military equipment like CAMCOPTER or scan eagle via intermediaries then reverse engineer and steal the technology. Have you seen China’s CIWS ?looks like goalkeeper because it is goalkeeper.
The UK really needs tempest to be developed and in service by 2030


Agreed Mr. Bell, China is the primary threat while Russia will be used to hold NATO forces in theater if a full scale war between the U.S. and China erupts – coming this decade I personally believe. NATO countries on the continent have let their forces run down to the point that, despite their decrepitude, Russian forces could actually overwhelm them if they move with enough speed…

This will be an “Interesting” decade upcoming…


Mr Bell

dave12- the 200 dead Russians occurred because they the Russians tried to attack a US special forces base.

Jennifer Bradley

Thank you for this insight into the meeting room of such eminent personalities. It is great to see that hybrid warfare is perceived as a substantial threat. With the advancing technology it is going to become even more important to protect economies, governments and countries from hybrid attacks.