The NATO Electronic Warfare Advisory Committee held its 106th Plenary meeting at the NATO Headquarters in Brussels.

The NATO Electronic Warfare Advisory Committee’s mission is to enhance NATO’s Electronic Warfare by developing joint Electronic Warfare policy and doctrine, advocating Electronic Warfare training and providing the NATO Military Committee with advice and recommendations on all Electronic Warfare programmes, command and control concepts as well as monitor Electronic Warfare support to NATO operations, missions and exercises.

The NEWAC also encourages the exchange of information on Electronic Warfare among NATO Nations and with other NATO agencies and committees, say the Alliance in a release.

“Since its inception in 1949, NATO has continuously evolved by recognizing potential threats and adapting to counter and defend against them. Electronic Warfare is just one of many areas where NATO is working to ensure that it is prepared to continue to uphold its founding principles and pursue its core tasks.”

This year’s NEWAC programme focused on three work strands, the NATO Electromagnetic Spectrum Strategy, the recognition of Electronic Warfare as a training discipline and the improvement of the NATO Electronic Warfare Policy and concept for future NATO Electronic Warfare.

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