NATO Mission Iraq is set to broaden its role following a recent decision made on 17 August 2023.

The North Atlantic Council agreed to extend the mission’s advisory and capacity-building efforts to support both the Iraqi Ministry of Interior and Federal Police Command.

This comes as a direct response to requests from Iraqi authorities.

Following a request from the Iraqi authorities and a decision by the North Atlantic Council on Thursday (17 August 2023), the scope of NATO Mission Iraq will also include advisory and capacity-building activities in support of the Iraqi Ministry of Interior and Federal Police Command,a press release mentioned.

Emphasising the collaborative nature of their initiatives, NATO has clarified that these enhanced activities will supplement the support already being offered by various other nations and international organisations.

Importantly, NATO continues to underscore the significance of respecting Iraq’s sovereignty, emphasiSing that every action it undertakes is “carried out at Iraq’s request and in full respect of the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

NATO Mission Iraq was originally established in 2018 with the aim to advise the Iraqi defence and security sectors. Previously, its focus had been limited to entities such as the Ministry of Defence, the Office of the National Security Advisor, and the Prime Minister’s National Operations Centre.

With this latest development, their advisory role extends to include the Ministry of Interior and Federal Police Command. Additionally, the mission lends its expertise to Iraq’s military educational institutions situated mainly in the greater Baghdad area.

You can read more by clicking here.

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Monkey spanker
Monkey spanker (@guest_747410)
9 months ago

Being a nato mission brings a lot of countries expertise to the table for the Iraqi government and hopefully people to benefit from.

Graham Moore
Graham Moore (@guest_747753)
9 months ago

The British Army’s website says that we have 100 soldiers in Iraq. I wonder how many more years this commitment will last?

lonpfrb (@guest_748281)
9 months ago
Reply to  Graham Moore

Winning the peace for the Iraqi people is a valid objective and honours the memory of our sacrifices by being something to be proud of. The alternatives are not in any reasonable people’s advantage. Look next door to Iran and alliance with kaputin or CCP…

Graham Moore
Graham Moore (@guest_748503)
9 months ago
Reply to  lonpfrb

I hope those soldiers of ours really do help to win the peace for the Iraqi people. Its the least we in the West should do as the 2003 US-inspired and organised invasion and its aftermath seriously harmed the Iraqi people.