The NATO-Russia Council, which brings together all 29 NATO Allies and Russia, met in Brussels on Friday.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, who chaired the meeting, noted that Allies and Russia discussed two important topics: Ukraine and the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.

“On both of these issues, Allies and Russia fundamentally disagree, but that is exactly why it is important to talk – to address concerns, increase predictability and reduce risks,” he said.

“Since 2014, Ukraine has always been the first item on our agenda. We discussed the heightened tensions in and around the Sea of Azov, as well as the security situation in eastern Ukraine. Allies made clear that they do not and will not recognise the illegal annexation of Crimea. And they called on Russia to immediately release the sailors and ships seized in November.

We also addressed the INF Treaty. All members of the NATO-Russia Council agree that the Treaty has been crucial to Euro-Atlantic security. But the Treaty is now in jeopardy.   And unfortunately, we have not seen any signs of a breakthrough. NATO Foreign Ministers met on this issue in December.  And all Allies agreed that Russia’s SSC-8 system violates the INF Treaty. Today, Allies urged Russia again to return to full and verifiable compliance with the Treaty. They also expressed firm commitment to supporting and strengthening real and verifiable arms control.

Today’s meeting covered two of the most serious issues affecting Euro-Atlantic security. Our discussions are not always easy.

But that’s exactly why they are so important. And we remain committed to continuing our dialogue.”


  1. Russia are playing this as “the US left the treaty first” then they have rescinded the treaty agreement because the USA stated they were leaving. Reality is the Russian’s have developed over the last 2 years ever increasing numbers of intermediate range nuclear armed missiles to provide Putin with a first strike “knock out” blow against European alliance members. The key point is that intermediate range missiles like the SSC8 are not necessarily ballistic in trajectory and therefore NATOs early warning system might not be triggered. That is why we should all be worried and why the USA has left the treaty now to develop their own intermediate range nuclear weapons. Be in no doubt this will end in another weapons proliferation and arms race. One Putin’s Russia can ill afford and cannot win. You have to feel sorry for the Russian’s living in Putin’s Russia. Piss poor health care, little infrastructure. An overbearing secret police state. No money or food for the average impoverished citizen. A falling birth rate. Low average age of death, high rates of alcoholism and suicide whilst the Russian’s think it is q good idea to squander what little hard foreign currency they earn on nuclear armed submarines and intermediate range nuclear missiles. Just daft. Much better to live in peace. NATO is not Russia’s enemy. But that is the narrative coming out of Russia’s state controlled media.

    • A brilliant comment Mr Bell i could not agree more , but Russia trying to keep up in a weapons race it cant afford is good for the west and I hope the Russian people start to see sense over mafia leader putin.

    • The other and though people don’t realize it greater reason the US left the INF Treaty is China. The PRC was never a signatory so they have been building many cruise missiles for the PLA which range beyond the stipulations US weapons are currently held to for both conventional and nuclear ordnance. Due to this the Pentagon has been looking for a reason to leave the treaty for years and Russia gave them the excuse.
      As for NATO not being Russia’s enemy? It clearly is by both it’s founding statements, subsequent actions. Such as the agreements with Gorbachev and Yeltsin to not expand east. The openly giving sanctuary to people wanted for treason by the Russian Federation. The overthrow by a putsch of a government friendly to Russia in Ukraine and replacing it with a pro-EU government.
      As for replacing Vladimir Putin? And replace him with who? Someone who will roll over to European diktats? A man who believes that Russian foreign and domestic policy should be made in Brussels or Washington? Not going to happen. Nor should it happen. I personally hope the Russian people continue to hold Western Europe in contempt because every time they don’t they get royally screwed by their “allies”.

      • Former soviet block nations choosed to join NATO having experianced kremlin rule Russia has only its self to blame. Euro diktats???? compared to putin thats just laughable.

        • I don’t care about other countries “reasons” for joining NATO. The NATO countries broke their word, repeatedly in point of fact. So now any security guarantee has all the validity of a Molotov-Ribbentrop 2.0.
          European Diktats? Have you been to Greece? The Germans and French would do far worse to a country as rich in resources and as culturally different as Russia. The only reason the EU (read Germany and France) are in anyway circumspect in regards to Russia is because of Russia’s vast arsenal of conventional and nuclear ordnance. All under the control of someone who would be willing to use them.

          • Sorry but I dont know what your motive is(or i can guess;) but the EU like the west have democratic elections they are not rigged like Russias and they dont use chemical weapons on other nations and then gets caught red handed trying hack the OPCW HQ lol!!!
            (to a country as rich in resources and as culturally different as Russia???? LOL Russias GDP in ranked 12thin the world ,gas is the only thing keeping Russias head above the water from a corrupt economy flatlined since 2008 and it cant afford another weapons race with NATO.

          • My motive? Realism and understanding of the way the world works. I have seen many examples of provocation on BOTH sides. So I have little tolerance for making NATO a saint. When in reality it is a organization without any purpose than to antagonize Russia. The one overarching moral imperative of it’s founding, the containment and defense against Soviet Communism no longer exists. Therefore it is just a scheme to dig in America’s pocket and trap it in another European war.
            A war America would see no benefit in while the EU would benefit from America’s sacrifice.

            Democratic elections? Laughable. The EU has MEPs that can’t propose legislation and a commission that is unelected. That is not democracy by any strep from the mind it is Kabuki theater of one.

            Chemical weapons usage? Guess what no one could clearly identify the source of any chemical attack in Syria. Because both the Syrian Army and the Rebels have been shown to have used gas. On the alleged (no evidence has been turned over and given to a court) use of it to assassinate people who had committed treason? The fault would lay with the country that refused to extradite. You can’t kill terrorists with drone and air strikes then go on a moral rant about another countries method of removing threats.

            Russia has some of the world’s largest reserves of oil, gas, uranium, gold, titanium, aluminum and the list goes on. Considering the rapacious way the EU corporations go after resources in poorer Eastern European countries they would salivate at the at taking more.

  2. I’ve come to the conclusion Trump is actually a genius.

    He makes people come together, not because he is a great leader or a nice guy but because of their mutual hatred of the man.Everyone thinks he’s a fat, self centered, immoral, delusional lunatic.

    He withdraws the US from the Paris Climate agreement, bingo the rest of the world vows to do more to battle Climate change. Even states in his own country vow to do more, not because morally and enviromentally its the right thing to do, but because the Governor & co think he’s an idiot. California springs to mind.( whether anything comes of it remains to be seen).

    By leaving this agreement, blaming everyone else, everyone will probably come together and do more to de nuclearise or whatever the term is, than at any time in the past.
    Get him involved in the middle east and that problem will soon be solved! Brexit? Sorted!

    Man is a genius!

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