NATO and the former Soviet republic are now cooperating very closely.
U.S. Army Lt. Gen. John Thomson, Commander of NATO Allied Land Command (LANDCOM), and Georgian Army Col. Nikoloz Janjgava, First Deputy of Georgia Defence Forces (GDF), signed a letter of cooperation at the NATO-Georgia Joint Training and Evaluation Centre in Krtsanisi National Training Centre, March 29th, 2019.
During the closing ceremony of NATO-Georgia Exercise 2019, Thomson shared a few words.
“History teaches us that strength deters aggression,” Thomson said.
“Given today’s complex, dynamic and uncertain security environment, it is vital to be ready and strong. Strength not only comes from economic might or military might, but it also depends on trusted friends. In Georgia, we have extraordinary friends, and for that, NATO is exceptionally grateful.”
Janjgava agreed according to the news release.
“This exercise has proved to be very productive and well-coordinated in terms of sharing experience and improving efficiency of the GDF through practical application of NATO exercise planning and execution processes,” he said.
“We are able to conclude that the exercise fulfilled its objectives, which are to enhance our capabilities to plan and execute multinational crisis response operations and to further improve our interoperability with the Allied staffs.”
NATO say that the purpose of the letter is to establish the framework for future cooperation between NATO’s LANDCOM and the GDF in the land domain.
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Daniele Mandelli

Oh dear….

Phil C

Keep poking that bear….

barry white

To be honest i dont blame Russia getting upset
NATO is getting to close
I hate to say this but i do honestly think it is us (nato) that is really cousing all the aggro


It does feel a bit aggressive for NATO I wonder how much this is the US pushing their own agenda using NATO. Although if Georgia wanted to join NATO through the correct channels I wouldn’t have a problem with that as long as we (NATO) didn’t openly invite them, let it be their choice, also they do spend well in terms of GDP.


North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
Where is Georgia again?


NATO has every right to invite whomever they choose to join, it’s called “mutual protection from aggression”.


PROJON yes we do but we must also understand why Russia might not be to happy, if the Irish suddenly allied themselves with Russia tomorrow, then put an army on our border I bet HMG and the nation in general would feel threatened.

Daniele Mandelli



Barry, love your music. Nothing sets the mood better, especially with the lights low, a bottle of wine and my favourite woman…

If you look at all the Eastern European countries post Soviet Union, you will see a trend where most of them have asked to be a part of NATO. This is driven by their collective history of having suffered Russian aggression & being under Russian rule. Who better than to prevent future Russian aggression than the Bulwark of Freedom in Western Europe; NATO.

Cause and effect. You reap what you sow.


And Russia is getting too close to Western and ‘free’ Eastern Europe. The military threats emanating from the mouth of Vladmir Putin against NATO members and those wishing to join NATO is the very reason NATO exists today!

Daniele Mandelli

Quite. Might end in tears one day.

Captain P Wash

dum dum dum… dum dum dum dum

is that the bloke from Eastenders ?

Captain P Wash

Remarkably reminiscent .


Haha Played by Ross Kempanov

Captain P Wash


Captain P Wash

Well, You do have a point but he lacks the Veins !!!!

Mr Bell

Not sure about Georgia joining NATO but can they join the 6 nations please?. They are a better rugby team than Italy on the world rankings. Either that or 6 nations becomes 7 nations
Nothing to do with defence, just saying.