Commander of NATO Allied Land Command (LANDCOM), Lieutenant General John Thomson and Ukrainian Army Colonel General Serhiy Popko, Commander of Ukrainian Land Forces Command have signed a letter of cooperation.

“This is a tremendous honour for LANDCOM. I’m impressed with your training facility and how advanced this exercise is,” Thomson said.
“Our headquarters and staff are excited about the future of this relationship. When I visited NATO’s Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), they are excited about what LANDCOM is doing with Ukraine.”
Popko agreed, according to a news release:
“The document we are about to sign today is strategically important for us in terms of our future cooperation. We are truly interested in the future cooperation… that is critically essential for us.”
NATO say that the purpose of the letter is to establish the framework for future cooperation between NATO’s LANDCOM and the Ukrainian ground forces in the land domain.
As Europe continues to respond to the aggressive actions of a potential adversary, this cooperation has deep implications in the NATO deterrence mission and in the efforts of NATO member nations and partner nations in the collective defence of Europe.
According to NATO:
“The commanders signed the letter during the middle of a large Ukrainian training exercise, known as EXERCISE RAPID TRIDENT 2018, which focuses on the interoperability and readiness of Ukrainian ground forces with a total of 2,270 troops from 14 participating nations including nearby NATO members. The annual exercise runs from Sept. 3 to 15.”


      • As a Realist I am all for strong defence. And I appreciate that at time the strongest defence you can have is to a demonstrable ability to reach out to ‘touch’ the enemy. But this move is the height of stupidity. For me the Balts were a step too far for both NATO and the EU. The Ukrainians? Words fail me. I am still amused about all the chest beating that goes on when the Russians use the Channel and the disconnect when there is chest beating over policing the Black Sea……..

        As a nuclear power we need to protect the deterrent. Though the V-boats’ primary defence is stealth we do need assets to track and perhaps interdict parties who are interested in them. And you (that is the general ‘you’ before the resident idiot seizes on this post) would be naive to think that it is only the Russians who look for our CASD patrols. But I expect that and I understand. And in a way it keeps all safe. Signing military agreements, even low level ones, with a state like the Ukraine doesn’t do anything for us.

        • Dave I’ve tried defending myself further below, but whatever see David’s comment above, he’s covered my view on things better than I could I feel.

      • This is ridiculous. You appear to admire and support both Trump and Putin. You are very knowkedgeable on some things and have good insights, but as soon as we get an article like this i can predict who is going to be saying what rubbish and here it is.

  1. Some may say the only way to face down a threat is to match it the best way you can. I fear NATO is not a unified as the HQ would have you believe. The chances of a coordinated response appear to be partial rather than consolidated. One thing NATO must understand, Russia will function as one unified force from day one, as for the alliance, that is less clear? If you bang on the door too often you must be ready to face what opens it!

    • Agreed.

      This is why the UK needs to make sure we have everything in order with our own security and defence. Protect the nation first and foremost. This is also why we need to start produding things again and to become more self sufficient.

  2. Guaranteed to get the Russians to escalate the fighting in Eastern Ukraine…
    They have a justified paranoia of being invaded: Napoleon, the Allies during their Civil War, Hitler.
    It’s only natural they distrust a NATO that’s expanding ever eastward towards its border.

    • Exactly Sean! So many simply don’t understand history or it’s effect on their mindset!

      Some on UKDJ get it. Appeasement is no good either. I’m all for speaking softly and carrying a big stick but we should be doing that far outside the bears have not in it!

      When Russia responds then it’s the same bad old Russia.

      Maybe the Republic of Ireland could sign a co operative treaty with Russia, just to see people’s reaction.

      The hypocrisy would be hillarious.

        • I dont see any value in talking to a mafia state run nation like Russia who have used chemical weapons on UK soil ,but you keep plugging the kremlin agenda, for the motherland!!!! lol

          • Dave Dave Dave! I was waiting finally fall victim to the Russian troll accusation.

            Live down south near London by any chance? I’d love to have a pint with you and discuss our joint regard for HM Armed Forces, just so you can see you couldn’t be more wrong.

            Seeing things a tad differently, like from the potential enemies point of view, does not make one a Russian bot!

            It’s hilarious. You level that at Sole a the time. He may be more leftist in some of his views but he’s no more a Russian troll than I’m a flippin chinaman mate!

            Oh well. I’m in the club now lol!

          • You talk to Russia because they have a rather large stockpile of serviceable nuclear weapons. You talk to anybody because talking and keep talking keeps the point things go kinetic further down the road because when things go kinetic they get unpleasant. War isn’t fun.

            The Ukraine is a Mafia state too. They are just as bent if not more bent than the Russians.

            I won’t discuss Novichock it gets too complicated too quick.

  3. Daniele point taken I was joking a bit really with you as for soleski he does not convince me at all.
    I would really like him to try and defend Russia now with all the new evidence on the novichoks attack coming out and the comedy sketch interview of the suspects today, too funny.

    • Fair enough mate.

      As far as the Salisbury incidents go I’m in agreement I feel the Russians were behind it, all part of the great game being played our behind the scenes.

      Going back a bit the Gareth Williams business was another murky one.

        • WHAT? In what way?

          Do you mean UK gov job insofar that they did it??? If so that’s preposterous he was one of our top mathematical boffins seconded to SIS from GCHQ.

          If you mean HMG obstructed, delayed, lied and whitewashed their own bungling as to how one of our own could be vulnerable in an supposedly secure SIS safe house then I agree.

          There are,other precedents for this sort of stuff. The Marconi scientists commiting suicide by the dozen in the 80s and of course Dr David Kelly.

        • What? That is insane. Putin authorised the deployment of a nerve agent against a NATO states home soil and this is all fine and dandy?
          Russia are aclear and present threat. A threat wehave to face upto. The recent exercises in eastern Russia are all very impressive but NATO could easily do a much larger more impressive exercise if we so choose.
          The key issue is the UK needs to up its defence expenditure urgently. Our government have no capability or band width for anything but Brexit. No one in government is aware of the perilous state of our armed forces especially the navy and there is no willingness to pushprogramnes through except in a lethargic sometime in the future manner.
          We need to go to 3% GDP to defence ratio now. Cut foreign aid to 0.1% GDP and reinvest in safeguarding the UK mainland and overseas territories, which. Is supposed to be the governments number 1 priority.

          • And I agree with most of that too.

            I would not cut aid that far, but I would reduce it certainly and we would still remain a major soft power. I would also use it differently.

            Agree defence spending needs increasing but again let’s hope for what is achievable. They are just not going to increase to 3 % unless we are in all out war.

            As commented on many times already I don’t see Russia as the great threat that is portrayed myself. We should be talking to them not going tit for that and escalating things even more.

            Having said that by all means be prepared and regard them as a potential adversary. Just don’t grandstand in their back yard and expect things not to escalate!

            Just my opinion.

  4. What the fact that the 2 russians where spotted 2 minutes walking pase away from the skripals house no were near the famouse cathedral and then went back to london . The more you try and defend them ,the more your nation looks silly lol , on this site its just you , good night and try again lol!!

  5. The Ukrainians are a very tough bunch of people – by bringing the fight to Russia far beyond what was expected they unknowingly stopped a full scale invasion.

    The Russian government is clearly openly hostile to us and our interests already so I see no reason not to work with the Ukrainians who are frankly a people who have earned our respect and only wish to live free. We have that in common.

  6. I have looked at all of the comment here and many of them make sense. For example the comment on NATO command and control, I totally agree that if there was an attack tomorrow on a NATO partner then by the time all the nations agree to mobilise it could be over. I have often said that NATO needs a standing force not under national government control, three armoured corps, an air group and a carrier battle group should be a NATO command all at 24 hours notice.
    I have lived and worked in Russia and the Ukraine, the Russians are a “funny” people, totally devoted to their children but extremely guarded and paranoid. They do seem to think that everyone is out to get them whilst not understanding when they build mobile tactical nuclear missiles other countries get concerned. When asked its always “we will never attack but we will defend against others”. They forget even their own history, their attacks on Poland in 1923, 1939, their use of the military to crush freedom movements in Hungary and Czechoslovakia, this is just to name a few. Some of these the Russians are not even aware of it seems that it is written out of the history books. I remember being asked why the UK didn’t help Russia in 1941, I was struck dumb. I remember visiting in 2001 a secondary school and was shocked to see slit trenches in the playing fields where the 15-18 years olds were learning weapons drill and gas mask drill. A state secondary school for God sake, try doing that in the UK, no wonder their paranoid.
    I can’t remember the British politician who, in the time of the American war of Independence said, “Yes we can win the war, but what then, we can’t police them. Russia is the same, which nation or groups of nations would want to attack and invade Russia, and even if you do the country is so damned big that no nation could control it.
    The only thing the Russians seem to respect is brute strength, talking is almost for them a sign of weakness. So I do think that all NATO members should increase their defense spending to 3%. I think NATO would only need top do that for ten years max before the Russians would see that they cannot match the Wests buying power. I suppose its the same old story if you want peace you must be prepared for war. To be prepared means expenditure, but it also means that the paranoid or bully will not see a way to intimidate.
    So possibly if the Russians would stop being so paranoid they could become predictable and thereby stabilise Europe, then they could invest into their infrastructure, god their roads are bad.

    • They still do the weapons drill in some schools in Russia, ie they learn how to take apart and put back together an assault weapon like an old AK-47 for example. They did it at my kid’s school. I even did it myself at a military museum there.


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