Why Britain will need Main Battle Tanks in the Future

In the face of rumours that the UK might scrap its Challenger 2 Main Battle Tanks, Harry Bulpit argues that if the British Army wants to remain relevant on the modern battlefield it is crucial that it retains its tanks.

Argentina has now ceased to be a capable military power

After a significant period of decline, Argentina has ceased to be a capable military force.

Is a British satellite navigation system a good idea?

The UK's threat to establish an alternative to the Galileo satellite system is a clever Brexit bargaining position - but should be no more than than that.

Military manoeuvres & the prelude to a new cold war: Russian aggression or NATO’s...

NATO and Russia: In the last couple of years we have witnessed important military manoeuvres that demonstrate the heightened tensions between the two blocs.

Defence and security in an independent Scotland

Have you ever wondered how the defence and security landscape would look in an independent Scotland and what the priorities might be? Who better to ask than SNP Defence Spokesman and member of the Foreign Affairs Committee Stewart McDonald MP and Cllr Chris McEleny, a former defence worker and a member of the Scottish Shipbuilding and Aerospace Committee for a number of years.

UK ranked top in measurement of diplomatic and cultural clout

A report measuring economic, diplomatic and cultural clout has named the United Kingdom as the worlds top soft power.

The Faslane Conundrum

Trident is essentially a political weapon, not a military weapon argues Stuart Crawford in this submission to the UK Defence Journal.

Why Britain needs to build a fleet of ‘budget frigates’

The construction of more affordable and hopefully more exportable 'budget frigates' could help revitalise the British shipbuilding industry.

NATO needs a new Maritime Strategy for its Northern Flank

NATO's naval power offers much potential to deter and – if necessary – help combat Russia.

Australia ordering more Type 26 Frigates than the UK is not ’embarrassing’ – here’s...

With some commentators, rightly or wrongly, arguing that it's "embarrassing" the Royal Australian Navy will be ordering more Type 26 Frigates than the Royal Navy, some perspective is key. 



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