What exactly does the US Military transgender ban actually mean?

Recently, President Donald Trump announced via Twitter that transgender individuals would no longer be permitted to serve in the United States Armed Forces.

To Counter Russia, Strengthen China

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s July 30th decision to expel 755 U.S. diplomats is the logical result of another senseless sanctions bill.

The New Entente Cordiale: An Alliance for the 21st Century

Such are Anglo-French relations, imperfect and uneasy, but when the situation has seemed bleakest, we stand together as equals.

Veterans group warns of EU Defence Union binding the UK in terms of Brexit

Defence and Security advisory group Veterans for Britain have warned of seven ways that they believe the EU Defence Union binds the UK in terms of Brexit.

Splendid isolation or Entente Cordial? The future of UK-EU defence industrial cooperation post-Brexit

What is the future of UK-EU defence industrial cooperation in the post-Brexit environment?

Transgender Service in the Military: Who cares?

If you’re willing to pick up a weapon, deploy thousands of miles away and potentially put your life on the line all in service to your country and democratic principles, then frankly it’s no ones business if you are transgender.

Cross-Strait tensions rising, but Chinese aircraft carrier ‘poses no threat’

Measured in terms of Chinese rhetoric, the temperature of cross-strait relations has risen sharply this week. The author, Dr. Euan Graham, is Director of the...

Invincible to Queen Elizabeth, an evolution in carrier power

The Royal Navy have always been at the forefront of carrier design evolution though are now having to play catch up to get back into the carrier game.

British prosperity ‘relies on defence’ according review

Former Defence Minister Philip Dunne has released a report highlighting the integral role of defence to British prosperity.

The UXV Combatant – What if?

The UXV Combatant was designed by BVT Surface Fleet and displayed at the Defence Security and Equipment International event in 2007, would it have been a good investment?



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