Why Britain needs to build a fleet of ‘budget frigates’

The construction of more affordable and hopefully more exportable 'budget frigates' could help revitalise the British shipbuilding industry.

What exactly does the US Military transgender ban actually mean?

Recently, President Donald Trump announced via Twitter that transgender individuals would no longer be permitted to serve in the United States Armed Forces.

Cross-Strait tensions rising, but Chinese aircraft carrier ‘poses no threat’

Measured in terms of Chinese rhetoric, the temperature of cross-strait relations has risen sharply this week. The author, Dr. Euan Graham, is Director of the...

The potential futures of British power projection

The United Kingdom is a serious player on the world stage. We need to hit the ground running.

Electric Battlefields – Powering a new generation of logistics support

Electric initiatives have increased in civilian life but few have yet to carry over into the battlefield. Unsurprising? Unrealistic? or inevitable?

Aligning new technologies with fresh doctrines

It is generally accepted that rather than prepare for the war you know; one should prepare for the war that is to come.

How the pandemic has accelerated change in the defence sector

The Covid-19 pandemic is exposing organisations across all industries to external forces that they could not have predicted, the global defence industry is no exception.

Whisper it: Gavin Williamson is actually doing pretty well at the MoD

Gavin Williamson was a far from popular appointment when he was promoted to defence secretary last year. Among the more charitable descriptions, he was branded a "self-serving c***". But take a closer look at what he's been doing at his department and a slightly different picture emerges. The truth is, Williamson has a good story to tell.

Why Britain needs aircraft carriers

Aircraft carriers have since replaced the battleship as the capital ships of the modern navy but with the advent of anti-ship missiles and ever more advanced submarines, what is the future of the aircraft carrier and why does Britain need them?

The British Army and the Media – The Longest War

"We should let our soldiers, sailors and airmen/women speak and have confidence in them", argues Stuart Crawford in his look at at how the British Army and the media communicate.



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