Is a British satellite navigation system a good idea?

The UK's threat to establish an alternative to the Galileo satellite system is a clever Brexit bargaining position - but should be no more than than that.

The Type 26 Frigate could be the most capable Royal Navy warship in decades...

The Type 26 Frigate, or 'City class', represents one of the most capable warships the Royal Navy has owned in decades, albeit one of the most costly.

An Essential Alliance: NATO and the nuclear sharing bond

On the surface, NATO Nuclear Sharing arrangements play a negligible role in the security of the independently armed United Kingdom but there's more to it.

The New Entente Cordiale: An Alliance for the 21st Century

Such are Anglo-French relations, imperfect and uneasy, but when the situation has seemed bleakest, we stand together as equals.

Expert outlines form an independent Scottish military could take

Stuart Crawford believes the Scottish Government should focus on specialising in certain areas.

Is increased UK-Japan defence cooperation leading to a new strategic alliance?

At a time of reduced certainty surrounding the security of both the UK and in particular Japan, it is towards new bilateral relations which these two island states look in order to maximise their respective geocapabilities.

Global Britain – A New Vision?

Since Prime Minister Theresa May and then-Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson announced in 2016 a new Global Britain approach to the United Kingdom's position on the world stage, much speculation has been cast concerning precisely what this approach entails.

Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen: Has the UK been too passive to hold Saudi...

Do British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson’s personal comments on Saudi Arabia highlight inconsistencies in UK foreign policy towards the Middle East?

The Black Sea region: a critical intersection

What is happening in and around the Black Sea and how does it affect NATO?

Comparing British amphibious capability with NATO allies

Comparing British amphibious capability with NATO allies



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