Proposed defence cuts could signal decline of British global capability

Britain could enter into a period of relative military decline and without a fresh strategic defence review, there is fear this decline will become irreversible which will impact on our standing in the international arena.

The fall of Singapore: An avoidable catastrophe?

The Fall of Singapore represented the collapse of British influence in South East Asia, and severely diminished the British Empire's Asia-Pacific clout.

Contract or Command: An analysis of outsourcing in defence

An assessment of the risks and benefits associated with the Ministry of Defence's orientation to outsource the delivery of services.

NATO needs a new Maritime Strategy for its Northern Flank

NATO's naval power offers much potential to deter and – if necessary – help combat Russia.

Defence predictions 2019: Where physical meets digital – balancing opportunity and risk

Whether it’s through technology such as intelligent planning tools, digital twins, virtual and augmented reality, or combating threats in new domains, the dividing line between the cyber and the physical world is beginning to blur.

New rules for Commonwealth recruits – why?

Secretary of State for Defence Gavin Williamson recently announced that rules regulating recruiting personnel from Commonwealth countries into the British armed services are to be relaxed.

Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen: Has the UK been too passive to hold Saudi...

Do British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson’s personal comments on Saudi Arabia highlight inconsistencies in UK foreign policy towards the Middle East?

The potential futures of British power projection

The United Kingdom is a serious player on the world stage. We need to hit the ground running.

Cross-Strait tensions rising, but Chinese aircraft carrier ‘poses no threat’

Measured in terms of Chinese rhetoric, the temperature of cross-strait relations has risen sharply this week. The author, Dr. Euan Graham, is Director of the...

Cyber needs to be centre stage for every world leader

It seems every day brings news of another high-profile cyberattack or intrusion affecting our personal data, national security or the very integrity and availability of the institutions and infrastructure on which we depend.



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