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It had been claimed that PPE companies in England were told to prioritise England over Scotland. The First Minister of Scotland and the Scottish Health Secretary have however "accepted assurances" that this is not the case.
Do strike brigades have a whiff of 'designed by committee'?
Positioned at the northern side of the Mediterranean strait between Europe and Africa is the British territory of Gibraltar
The latest paper on how an independent Scotland might arrange its defence forces by Stuart Crawford and Richard Marsh suggests that Scotland might get its defence at zero net cost overall.
A distinguishing feature of our country that astounds a lot of foreigners is our traditional, unarmed, British bobby.
Statements made by the government explicitly claim that the Royal Navy is growing, but are those claims accurate? Yes and no.
What is the future of UK-EU defence industrial cooperation in the post-Brexit environment?
Comparing British amphibious capability with NATO allies
A look at the different parties thoughts on defence policy, particularly their thoughts on Trident via their respective election manifestos.
"The UK should use its role as host of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) – the only UN body headquartered in Britain – to improve global shipping security."



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