An Essential Alliance: NATO and the nuclear sharing bond

On the surface, NATO Nuclear Sharing arrangements play a negligible role in the security of the independently armed United Kingdom but there's more to it.

Is there a case to be made for smaller carriers?

For the last year newspapers, magazines and websites – including this one - have been filled with impressive photographs of the Royal Navy's two new carriers - HMS Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales – commonly referred to as the Queen Elizabeth Class. 

Proposed defence cuts could signal decline of British global capability

Britain could enter into a period of relative military decline and without a fresh strategic defence review, there is fear this decline will become irreversible which will impact on our standing in the international arena.

Splendid isolation or Entente Cordial? The future of UK-EU defence industrial cooperation post-Brexit

What is the future of UK-EU defence industrial cooperation in the post-Brexit environment?

The fall of Singapore: An avoidable catastrophe?

The Fall of Singapore represented the collapse of British influence in South East Asia, and severely diminished the British Empire's Asia-Pacific clout.

The potential futures of British power projection

The United Kingdom is a serious player on the world stage. We need to hit the ground running.

Contract or Command: An analysis of outsourcing in defence

An assessment of the risks and benefits associated with the Ministry of Defence's orientation to outsource the delivery of services.

North Korea – The End Game After War

With escalating tensions on the Korean Peninsula, some are starting to look to what would happen after a war with North Korea and what could be the hermit nations future.

Comparing British amphibious capability with NATO allies

Comparing British amphibious capability with NATO allies

Irish Taoiseach’s threats to restrict airspace access for UK aircraft is both wrong-headed and...

Recently, Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar threatened to restrict access to Irish airspace for UK airlines in the event of a no-deal Brexit.



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