British troops train with Canadian Army Engineers

British and Canadian troops have been working together in order to gain from each others experience in their largest joint exercise in years.

Britain to lead battalions deployed to Eastern Europe

British forces are to play a leading role in the recently announced NATO deployment to Poland and the Baltic States. Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said: "I...

Challenger tank upgrade competition heats up

BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, Rheinmetall and others in the industry have expressed interest in the Challenger tank upgrade project.

Glasgow welcomes troops home

The 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland, have taken part in a homecoming parade through Glasgow today where they received a warm welcome.

British Army engineers build longest amphibious bridge ever made

British Army engineers have built the longest amphibious bridge ever made - at 350 metres – as part of the largest joint exercise in...

Permali Gloucester wins £15 million contract for Ajax armour

Permali Gloucester Limited has been awarded a £15 million contract to supply composite armour materials to be used by Ajax.

Government respond to concern over Ajax Fighting Vehicle

Hysteria that the Ajax Fighting Vehicle fleet will be Spanish built is misleading as the majority of the work is being carried out by British firms.

Ajax successfully completes early live firing test programme

The firing involved testing the main 40mm stabilised cannon and chain gun while Ajax was static.

Queen’s Royal Hussars Test Their Metal In Germany Exercise

The Hohne tank ranges in Germany have been alive with the sounds of cannon fire over the last few days as the Queen's Royal...

New ranges at Garelochhead

New training facilities are to be constructed at the Garelochhead ranges in Scotland.



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