It has been reported in the media that Britain will be deploying 1,000 troops to Libya, that is not the case.

The Daily Mirror, Daily Telegraph and some local papers such as The National reported a letter from the chair of the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee Crispin Blunt, calling for the Government to explain plans to send 1,000 British troops to Libya, after claiming the MOD is due to agree a mission against Islamic State this week.

A Government spokesperson said:

“What members of the Foreign Affairs Committee heard on their recent visit is wrong on a number of counts. There are no plans to extend airstrikes to Libya nor are there plans to send British troops to provide security on the ground in Libya. It is therefore also wrong to suggest the Defence Secretary will agree any UK contribution this week.”

So it’s clear, the UK will not be deploying 1,000 troops to Libya.

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5 years ago

Got to love politician talk, they just can’t say no, without caveating it to the extreme.

What you could read that as

So we are sending troops, just not 1000, maybe more maybe less. The plans won’t be agreed this week, because they were either agreed already or will be done the following week. Who knows what is counted as security on the ground and what isn’t.

Ok realistically he didn’t give a straight answer, because he doesn’t want to look stupid should he not have all the facts or things change, but still amusing.