South Korea and the US have said the latest missile launch by North Korea ended in a failure after the projectile reportedly exploded soon after lift-off.

North Korea routinely conducts missile tests despite violating resolutions passed by the United Nations Security Council. In August, the security council condemned North Korea for four missile launches over the summer, declaring “grave violations” of the ban on all ballistic missile activity.

The South Korean joint chiefs of staff said the military believes the North unsuccessfully attempted to fire a mid-range Musudan missile.

Pentagon spokesman Cmdr Gary Ross said:

“We strongly condemn this and North Korea’s other recent missile tests, which violate UN Security Council Resolutions explicitly prohibiting North Korea’s launches using ballistic missile technology.”

Cmdr Ross added:

“Our commitment to the defence of our allies, including the Republic of Korea and Japan, in the face of these threats, is ironclad.

We remain prepared to defend ourselves and our allies from any attack or provocation.”

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David Southern
David Southern
5 years ago

The little fat guy won’t be happy!

Graham Hayward ex FAA.
Graham Hayward ex FAA.
5 years ago

This despot and his government are clearly a bunch of head cases,they prepare their defences/offences but object to adjacent counties and their allies exercising theirs,they would be better suited to sitting round a table and discussing their joint differences with an agenda for peaceful co-existence and mutual development.I seems to me most of the best brains are in the South.