The US Air Force has selected Northrop Grumman to demonstrate prototype systems to protect the F-16 fleet against radio frequency threats.

The prototype project is intended to demonstrate an internally mounted electronic warfare suite and digital radar warning receiver for the F-16 fighter aircraft.

“Providing advanced electronic warfare capabilities to the F-16 community is critically important to the future survivability of the platform, especially as the electromagnetic spectrum becomes increasingly contested,” said Brent Toland, vice president, land and avionics C4ISR, Northrop Grumman.

“Our system builds on our long experience with the F-16 and other military aircraft to provide the warfighter with the ability to operate seamlessly against the threats that are continuing to grow in sophistication. Northrop Grumman’s prototype solution builds upon the company’s advanced electronic warfare system architecture that is in production for multiple programs, offering protection from current and emerging threats and a growth path to even greater self-protection capabilities.”

The firm say that the goal of the prototype project is to provide spherical radar warning, threat identification and countermeasure capabilities to protect aircrews from modern electromagnetic spectrum threats.

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Peter Crisp
Peter Crisp
1 year ago

The F-16 is a great looking aircraft.
I don’t know how but it just looks agile and fast and it’s in my top 3 jets.

1 year ago
Reply to  Peter Crisp

I absolutely agree. Flanker and Rafale are good looking too.