Pictures were taken during an attack which saw the Royal Marines, assisted by Polish tanks, attack Latvian objectives as part of Exercise Sabre Strike.

X Ray Company of Arbroath based 45 Commando Royal Marines are currently deployed in the Baltics participating in a large scale NATO exercise.

The exercise, known as Sabre Strike, involves elements from the United Kingdom, United States, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Canada, Slovakia, Slovenia, Norway and Italy. The exercise will see each nation working together over three different countries; Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

The exercise trains participants on command and control as well as interoperability with regional partners and consists of a brigade-level command post exercise and computer assisted exercise, as well as company-level field and situational training exercises. It also features the integration of United States close air support with partner nation ground forces and the demonstration of United States Expeditionary Medical Support capability.

All imagery provided courtesy of the MoD and protected under © Crown copyright.


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Peter Macdonald
Peter Macdonald
4 years ago

The troop seem to be wearing MILES, is that standard for this type of exercise these days (I am almost 20yrs out of date now)?