WFEL and Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) have reached an agreement with Huddersfield-based David Brown Santasalo (DBS), for the supply of Powerpack blocks for BOXER Mechanised Infantry Vehicles.

According to a news release:

“On behalf of WFEL and KMW, David Brown Santasalo will assemble around 250 Powerpack blocks (transmission, engine and cooling systems), beginning delivery in Autumn 2022 and covering a 10-year period of supply.

As part of KMW’s extensive UK Boxer Technology Transfer Programme, this particular contract will sustain and create at least 20 jobs in the North of England at David Brown Santasalo and its wider supply chain, whilst further contributing to the UK’s sovereign industrial defence capabilities.

DBS is internationally recognised as one of the most innovative suppliers of bespoke land and marine power transmission systems. The £30 million order will ensure that the fully assembled and tested Powerpack units are delivered to WFEL’s new, dedicated, state-of-the-art BOXER MIV production facility in Stockport, where they will be integrated into the BOXER vehicles.”

Steve Watson, DBS Global Defence Director and Managing Director UK said:

“Through the development of this key partnership with KMW and WFEL, we are delighted to continue to contribute to the UK economy and our local community through job retention and creation of new roles. We relish the opportunity to continue to strengthen our local team.”

Ian Anderton, WFEL Managing Director, commented:

“As we head closer towards the first ever manufacture of BOXER vehicles here in the UK, we are delighted to welcome DBS to our UK supply chain, a company which has undergone rigorous supplier selection criteria, as part of our wider programme of manufacturing readiness for this vital new capability for the British Army’s Strike Brigade.”

The Boxer vehicles are being provided to the MoD as part of the £2.3bn contract placed with the ARTEC consortium in November 2019.

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Ian M.
Ian M. (@guest_557257)
3 days ago

Is it an MTU / Renk combination?

Matt (@guest_557428)
2 days ago
Reply to  Ian M.

Hi – it’s an MTU / Allison Automatic transmission

Airborne (@guest_557342)
3 days ago

Now I know you will say stop looking to deep, but…..normal transmissions or uprated? 250 ish?….there did seem to be a contract for the WCSP for 250 CTA turrets which have nowhere now to go…mmmmmm…..

peter wait
peter wait (@guest_557364)
3 days ago
Reply to  Airborne

Wouldn’t there be other customers if the CTA is so good?

Ian M.
Ian M. (@guest_557405)
3 days ago
Reply to  peter wait

It is a bit of a radical concept, the way it works, so maybe it’s a hard sell to established manufacturers? The CT40 has punch, rate of fire, fully automated action and low turret intrusion so maybe CTAi just need a better sales team?

BB85 (@guest_557425)
2 days ago
Reply to  peter wait

It will be interesting if it ever wins orders outside of the UK and France. If the cost of ammo actually is 10 times the cost of the equivalent but traditional 30 and 40mm rounds it won’t win any exports.

Ian M.
Ian M. (@guest_557728)
1 day ago
Reply to  BB85

Economies of scale might improve the cost to customers?

Paul.P (@guest_557610)
2 days ago

Good news; the Boxer program seems to be on track….no pun intended. Any progress on the MOD efforts to ‘ increase the lethality’ of the Boxers which will replace Warrior?

AlexS (@guest_558138)
10 hours ago
Reply to  Paul.P

I think they do not know what they want. Actually what British Army wants in last 20 years have been physical impossibilities.

Paul.P (@guest_558208)
45 minutes ago
Reply to  AlexS

I think the Army probably did know what they wanted; a tracked, networked IFV, capable of carrying 7 dismounts, with a cannon capable of selecting ammunition and firing on the move …the upgraded Warrior. Sadly they seemed to have missed that the platform was beyond its up-cycling use by date. There was always the theoretical but sadly unaffordable option to develop a tracked Warrior successor. Other nations have compromised on the tracks and the gun calibre. e.g. the Australians have gone for the Boxer with the Lance 30mm turret plus Spike missile. My guess is that the MOD will try… Read more »