Titan Airways is now operating its A321 fleet on behalf of the British government, taking on some transport duties previously undertaken by the Royal Air Force.

The British government has access to four passenger-configured BAe 146s (due to retire shortly) and the ‘VIP Voyager’, also known as ‘Vespina’, which acts as a tanker aircraft and transport aircraft for senior officials.

The below link takes you to Jonathan Winton‘s YouTube channel, we fully recommend you follow his channel for more.

The new A321 aircraft has been painted with a livery resembling ‘VIP Voyager’. An image of an A321 aircraft with a livery similar to that used on the Voyager aircraft used by the Royal Air Force to transport senior Government ministers and members of the Royal Family surfaced online last month.

According to the ch-aviation, “it is unclear if the aircraft will be exclusively operated for the government or also be available for Titan Airways’ in-house charter flights when not needed for official duties. The carrier did not respond to ch-aviation’s query in that regard”.

Titan Airways is expecting the delivery of its second A321-200NX(LR) shortly.

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The main issue with this ,would be the aircraft would not have a security package and not have military pilots.


Why? The fly civair all the time.


Civil airliners have been used for flying military personnel for decades.

James M

Not a huge deal if they’re flying to France or the US though, and frees up a voyager for doing its job.

Barry Larking

This will like so many more such private partnership deals end up being more expensive, but doubtless, lucrative.

Robert Blay.

But still probably cheaper than running the 146, or paying for civi airline tickets.

John Hartley

Go to a site like Globalair & there are plenty of near new, 2nd hand business jets available. They would be the most cost effective way to equip 32 Sqn for the CSAT role.


Yeah, I assumed they’d pick up a couple of the many small passenger jets in good nick that must have flooded the market in the last year, which would have enabled them to shunt ‘ordinary’ personnel and cargo around the UK when not needed for VIP duties.

Guess that’s the end of 32 squadron then?


Anyone else think an A321 is overkill given they have the Voyager for big stuff.

John Hartley

Globalair has a 2019 Global 6500 & a 2018 Phenom 100EV for sale , as examples of long & short haul runarounds.

Jonny Agar

Voyager is a bit big and heavy for short hall stuff.


The second aircraft is G-GBNI, and I believe it has already been delivered. With a registration like that, I assume it will receive the livery as well.


Titan have been picking up the slack for years. Quite nice leather seats and TVs you don’t get on a trooper is always welcome

Andrew D

Well at least it shows the Flag 🇬🇧


Noted the satcom bubble near the tail. Unusual for a civvy aircraft. Secure comms? Needed if the PM or top brass travelling.

Daniele Mandelli

You’d think it sensible.

What of security clearance regards pilots and crew? I assume all DV’d.
From the article these are not RAF pilots.


Good point Daniele. However, PMs (and royalty) have been known to travel schedule civvy from time to time, with just regular BA crews. I should think if it’s something heavy, with security, entourage, etc. then he would use BorisAir One. where the crews would be DV’d.

Daniele Mandelli

Thanks. Does not sit easily with me myself, I’d prefer dedicated secure aircraft with RAF crews.


Well, if that’s the way you like to travel Daniele then who am I to advise you differently… !

(Well.. how the other half live!…)

Daniele Mandelli


James M

It might just be for wifi, they’re increasingly common on US airliners.

If they’re fitting secure comms, I’d expect they’d fit a DAS too, but I can’t see one.

I still think they should have got 32 some Global 6500s and kitted them out with comms and a proper defensive suite. And a less ugly livery.


I think the days of a Royal Flight or military vip flight have gone . When the 146 go


Surprised that they have opted for an actual aircraft. Why not hang on until a UAV is available in 2035?