The Queen is to visit Leuchars today and rename the base Waterloo Barracks.

It has been reported that she will unveil a plaque naming the base Waterloo Barracks and will meet soldiers who have moved into the former RAF base at Leuchars in Fife.

The army took over control of the base in April with soldiers gradually moving from their base in Germany.

In 2011, then Defence Secretary Liam Fox announced that RAF Leuchars would close, whilst RAF Lossiemouth in Moray would be spared as part of the Strategic Defence and Security Review. The recently formed Typhoon force, which was stood up in March 2011, moved to RAF Lossiemouth in Summer 2014 with the Army expected to take up residence in 2015 onwards.

The Queen is to meet serving soldiers before joining officers for a regimental photograph and a private lunch.

It is expected that the station will be fully manned by Summer 2016 when the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards return from operational training in Canada. There are expected to be around 1,800 military personnel and their families with around 426 of those personnel coming from the Royal Scots DG. The rest of the personnel will be made up from the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers and the Royal Military Police.

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Scott tait

Another blatant pro unionist uncalled for name change

What the hell has waterloo to do with Scotland

Another case of the english (so called british) army over stepping its mark again


Not Royal Scots.

The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards


Waterloo is the Scots DG main battle honour my friend !

Irene McGettigan

If you feel the need to rename it why change the name to a English battle, we have plenty proud Scottish names and battles to comemorate

Mr Blowfelt

Are all our bases being named after abba songs ?


Aye that’s what it is …..
Grow up

Henry Anderson

Our country is littered with place names that have came from battles fought by our brave Scottish soldiers during the days of the Empire. We must recognise this, like it or not, this is the history of our forefathers. Waterloo is also a Perthshire settlement and been so for years so regardless of the motives of the Unionist Whitehall, we should with a bit of creativity turn this to our advantage.


you lot are absolute belters, show some respect to those who served inand payed the ultimate sacrifice in the battle of Waterloo, it’s not an English battle its a British battle honour, you people called yourself British. Your a disgrace to this country


How arrogant and dismissive do people want to be! We are a proud Scottish Regiment returning from over 20 years in Germany back on home soil. It doesn’t matter what we call the camp/barracks the fact is that Scottish soldiers are back in their native land they belong. We very happy to be in Leuchars and the locals are equally pleased to see us.

Waterloo was a very significant battle for the British Army (not English) and is one of our battle honours. Do your research before commenting on something you don’t know about.

Diane Fletcher

I undertstand that Waterloo was a great campaign for the Royal Scots so if there is a need to change the name why not The Royal Scots Barracks?

James Kellard

Obviously mention of The Charge of the Scots Greys at Waterloo is too much for modern scots who complain so bitterly at everything, how very sad.