Rafael has unveiled the LR II, a new variant of the SPIKE Family that can be fired from vehicles, helicopters, ships, and ground launchers.

The new missile will be presented for the first time at the Paris Air Show in June.

Rafael has supplied over 27,000 of the missiles and systems to over 26 countries according to the company.

In a press release they state:

“SPIKE LR II is an advanced multipurpose missile, weighing only 12.7 kg, designed for modern warfare with almost full commonality to the SPIKE Missile legacy and can be launched from any SPIKE Launcher.

For increased lethality, SPIKE LR II includes two unique state-of-the-art advanced and highly capable warhead configurations: a Tandem HEAT warhead configuration, enhancing armor penetration capability by more than 30%, and a new multipurpose blast warhead, which includes controlled fusing (by the gunner) for control of the desired effect.”

Mr. Moshe Elazar, Executive Vice President and Head of Rafael’s Land and Naval Systems Division said:

“The development of the SPIKE LR II is based on Rafael’s vast experience in the development of a wide variety of missiles over the years, and was largely possible due to Rafael’s close cooperation with the users at the IDF and other militaries around the world.”

SPIKE LR II has a range of 5.5 km when fired from ground launchers and up to 10 km when fired from a helicopter.

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joe (@guest_374656)
3 years ago

Does anyone know how large the warhead is on these Spikes?

at 13kgs all in, my guess is 3-4kgs?

Is that enough to knock out modern MBTs?

Jay (@guest_374657)
3 years ago

How does this compare to Brimstone?

joe (@guest_374737)
3 years ago
Reply to  Jay

Brimstone/Hellfire are a much larger missile…..

This version of the Spike would be equivalent to the Javelin.

Mike Saul
Mike Saul (@guest_374685)
3 years ago

Spike uses a lofted trajectory and tandem warhead to penetrate a target.

This means the missile dives towards the target as opposed attacking frontal armour making peneration against less well protected places of the target.