Raytheon UK, alongside strategic partner Capita, has received a contract to provide the Royal Navy with ‘transformative technology, training and learning solutions’ over the next 12 years.

The firm say that the contract, which will be led by Capita, has an initial contract value of £200 million to Raytheon UK and will ensure the Royal Navy offers best-in-class training to all its service personnel.

“It will accelerate the use of new technology, processes and learning solutions, aligning with the Royal Navy’s transformation agenda and positioning it to thrive in the 21st century.”

“This announcement allows the team to begin efforts to transform the Royal Navy’s training and learning solutions, and to modernise and transform the way training is delivered across the Armed Forces,” said Jeff Lewis, chief executive of Raytheon UK.

“Our extensive experience in leading large and complex transformative change programmes around the world will provide the Royal Navy with tailored, digitally enabled training, fit for the future.”

Raytheon UK say it will play a key role in modernising and transforming the Royal Navy’s training analysis, design, delivery, assurance, and management/support services, helping to make the UK Armed Forces more agile and adaptable than ever to tackle future challenges.

“We are committed to investing in the UK and helping to keep the country secure and our Armed Forces equipped with the best affordable sovereign solutions, creating highly skilled jobs across the UK,” Lewis said.

“We look forward to delivering these solutions to the Royal Navy over the coming years.”

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Captain P Wash

great news, as always. wink wink.

Lee H

It would be great if this training package is capitalised, the resource budget will be under huge pressure so anything that can be done to reduce that pressure (CDEL 48% increase, RDEL 2% decrease going forward FY21 and beyond) would be welcomed. Let’s home the MoD commercial and financial teams have done a good job and given the RN an affordable training solution which both the RAF and Army can emulate.


Capita?! Crapita, they’ve been called. Wouldn’t surprise me if they went the same way as Carillion. When will MoD learn?


Capita are amazing….
They can do anything…..checkout their web site 😂


Crapita – Do it at the least possible cost with the lowest level of skill available to skim as much as possible off the top for profit. That seems to be their modus operandi. Transformative, leading, cutting edge? Unlikely, I believe. I hope to be wrong.

George Royce

Still no new word on Perseus. 🙁


What of it? Perseus is just a concept, the project itself is called FC/ASW. AFAIK there will be an announcement sometime this year of the aims and desired outcome of the project.


Hasn’t a very similar contract just been awarded to Elbit Systems?


That was for submarines. Not all eggs in same basket i guess.




Capita…….mmmmmmm…..not an overly good rep with recruiting!


I could say so much on so many other bits…

Andy P

They started doing the computer based training before I left and while maybe it was because I was getting a bit long in the tooth, I didn’t rate it. It was all so artificial, I found I took stuff in better doing drills, dunno, maybe because it was where you ‘work’ rather than in a trainer. Others might take to it more I suppose but it seems like a lot of money.

Then throw Capita into the mix and it just seems like “here we go again…..”.


Ah yes. E-learning. Fine for stuff like anti corruption and remembering to not swear. Weak for 25% of what it is also used for