A Reaper unmanned aircraft conducted two attacks on terrorists north-east of Abu Kamal, whilst Typhoon jets struck a further three Islamic State buildings.

The following day, Typhoons struck a further three buildings, again being used as strong-points by Islamic State.

A Reaper was also patrolling the area, and its crew conducted two successful engagements with Hellfire missiles on Islamic State forces, including a pair spotted setting up a firing position on a rooftop.

Background on Operation Shader

By September last year, the Ministry of Defence had announced that over 1,000 personnel were engaged in theatre and that the Royal Air Force had conducted around 1,000 airstrikes, flying over 2,800 sorties, killing over 3,000 Islamic State fighters.

Last year, it was reported that the Royal Air Force was operating at its most intense for 25 years in a single theatre of operation which far outstripped the UK involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan – RAF jets have dropped 11 times more bombs (1,276 strikes) on Syria and Iraq in the preceding 12 months than they had in the busiest year of action in Afghanistan a decade previously.

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Daniele Mandelli

Lol. I wish!!!

Cam Hunter

I must have read “ the Royal Air Force was operating at its most intense for 25 years” ect ect line and two paragraphs. Why do they have to cut and paste that part into so many posts.


Gotta fill out these non-stories somehow, Cam.


This IS new. I’ve not heard anything about this new RAAF combat drone up till now. According to the piece, this is Boeing’s largest investment outside of the U.S.



captain P Wash.

Slightly off subject here but, RAAF and Boeing are Talking about “Loyal Wingman” which Is basically a single engine Stealth Jet to be used with F35’s amongst others. Might explain the RAF Version mentioned here a week or so back.

Oscar Zulu

More details on the Boeing Loyal Wingman project for the RAAF.

Will be a real force multiplier especially if acquired in numbres to match or exceed the RAAFs 72 F35As.



Here it is.


This could really be a game changer if successful!