The Red Arrows will fly over Pride in London for the first time at this year’s parade in a show of support for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and LGBT Armed Forces personnel.

Nine jets from the world-renowned Royal Air Force (RAF) Aerobatic Team will perform a red, white and blue flypast for thousands at the event on Saturday, 25 June. It will be the first time that the Red Arrows have flown over a Pride parade.

Armed Forces Minister Penny Mordaunt said:

“This flypast by the RAF Red Arrows is important as it embodies the huge progress made by the military in recent years to ensure our Armed Forces reflect society. All three Services are now among the most inclusive workplaces for LGBT employees and will support Pride in London.”

More than 200 defence personnel are expected to march in this year’s Pride in London parade.


    • UK Defence Journal Personally they’re much more entertaining to watch, I get the whole “they’re the best of British and represent our airmen/women” idea but the Tricolori put on a fantastic display. They’re also very supportive, when they were at Culdrose last year they finished up their display, got out of the aircraft, wandered over to the grass and watched the other display slots perform. The Red Arrows, from my experience, tend to avoid trying to support the Navy (yes, service child) altogether. They came down to Falmouth and never bothered even to rest at Culdrose. They seemed to disassociate themselves with anyone who wasn’t Air Force.

    • Of course! but aren’t we becoming a minority group now and therefore entitled to positive discrimination in our favour?

  1. Great comments gents. We must remember well all those heterosexuals imprisoned, chemically castrated and legislated against. The centuries of religious sponsored persecution of heterosexuals is of course something that must never be repeated and the treatment of heterosexual men and women at the hands of groups like the Nazis is something we should be ashamed of….enjoy your Turing machines.

    • I think it is an add-on to the display at Cleethorpes celebrating Armed Forces Day, so possibly a smaller amount disbursed than for most fly-pasts. On a day when this country needs to come together more than most days, I see it as a splendid salute to the inclusive society that we have become, so I return the salute to the RAF and their statement.


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