Royal Marines are perfecting skills needed to move rapidly across the Arctic battlefield and wilderness on intensive training missions in northern Norway, according to a news release.

A news release posted on the Royal Navy website says that Royal Marines from cold weather warfare specialists 45 Commando – based in Arbroath – must know how to master the deep snow and ice of the Arctic wilds to ensure they can gain the tactical upper hand on the frozen battlefield.

“Basic skiing techniques are refreshed and challenging journeys across the snow are undertaken during this phase of the winter deployment – which shapes each commando into a complete winter warrior – to refine techniques and make sure each commando can move with weight safely. Training becomes increasingly more challenging – from skiing on slopes you might find on an alpine holiday, to more demanding terrain untouched by skis.”

Corporal John Thornton, Mountain Leader 2, was qouted as saying:

“The skills that were developed during the week are vital for being able to operate as a credible fighting force in this unforgiving environment. Even comparatively benign routes can prove to be a considerable obstacle when the balance is thrown off with a heavy bergen – this is why we spent many hours on the slopes before venturing into more realistic off-piste routes.”

You can read more here.

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7 months ago

Well done Guys

Barry Larking
Barry Larking
7 months ago

This is what the British are good at and have been for a very long time. Speed plus motivation.