Two people managed to eject from the jet.

According to the Ministry of Defence:

“Two pilots are being checked by medics after ejecting from a Royal Navy Hawk aircraft from 736 Naval Air Squadron during a flight from RNAS Culdrose. An investigation will begin in due course. We won’t be providing further detail at this time.”

As the Royal Navy’s maritime aggressor squadron, the pilots of 736 NAS provide airborne threat simulations that allow for realistic training at sea. According to the ROyal Navy website:

“Equipped with Hawk T1 twin-seat fast jet aircraft, 736 Naval Air Squadron’s primary role is to provide simulated ship attacks for Royal Navy and NATO units in the run-up to deployment. The maritime specialists use their jets to replicate the threats from enemy fighter aircraft and high-speed sea-skimming missiles.

736 NAS also fly missions for students at the Royal Navy School of Fighter Control. Aerial battles between friendly and enemy jets are set up for the students to contend with, providing the live element of their training syllabus. The Hawk jets, marked with the distinctive lightning bolt of 736 NAS, can often be found beyond the maritime environment; from close air support for land forces, to simulating attacks on helicopters to train the crews in fighter jet evasion.”

The cause of the crash is currently unknown.


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George (@guest_548456)
1 month ago

Hi folks hope all is well.
Hopefully the pilots are well and not too badly injured if at all.

Pacman27 (@guest_548458)
1 month ago
Reply to  George


they join an elite club, not many have done this “live”

good British technology saving lives…

Cammy (@guest_548539)
1 month ago
Reply to  Pacman27

They get a tie and badge is lol

Rob Collinson
Rob Collinson (@guest_548462)
1 month ago

An ‘early retirement’ for that Hawk T1, not willing to wait for the death knell of the Integrated Review and Command Paper!!!

On a serious note, I hope all involved are ok and that no damage was caused by the jet crashing.

Stay safe everyone

ChariotRider (@guest_548490)
1 month ago

Glad to hear that the crew appear to be safe, “being checked by medics”.

Just checked the BBC News website. The crew were checked at the scene by paramedics and then airlifted to hospital for further checks. The jet came down the St Martins area Helston and police have asked people to avoid the area. Engine failure is quoted as the issue, so persumably the crew were able to declare a Mayday.

Cheers CR

Harry Bulpit
Harry Bulpit (@guest_548491)
1 month ago

Seems like the hawk wanted to go out on it’s own terms. Glad all crew are safe.

Gunbuster (@guest_548503)
1 month ago

Just wait ….it will be going viral in the twitter sphere that a T45 shot it down by mistake during an Adex 451 or 323 low level beat up during the Thursday war…

Glad to see that the crew flew by Martin Baker successfully and safely.

Grant (@guest_548523)
1 month ago

Accidents happen… when we have just 28 of these aircraft for our pilots to train on I fear the accident rate will go up…

Paul T
Paul T (@guest_548568)
1 month ago
Reply to  Grant

This example is a T1 which are due to be withdrawn anyway.

Grant (@guest_548764)
1 month ago
Reply to  Paul T

Yep.. a big mistake

Lusty (@guest_548553)
1 month ago

At least they didn’t join the Goldfish Club!

I’m glad to hear they’re both safe and well. It sounds like the Hawk read the intergrated review.

julian1 (@guest_548600)
1 month ago

I remember in the 80s and 90s that crashes were a regular occurrence. Fewer aircraft, newer fleets, synthetic training and change of tactics re ultra low flying thankfully mean accidents are rare nowadays. As I think back, all recent aircraft losses (last 8 yrs) have been Hawk T1. Let’s be thankful the crew is safe and well.

Emajay (@guest_548615)
1 month ago

The less than accurate information coming from the Daily Telegraph is “All Hawk T1 aircraft have been cut in the Defence review and will be removed from service over the coming months. This leaves just the Hawk T2 variant in service with the Red Arrows based at RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire.

Just where does the DT recruit Defence Correspondents from, Noddy Land? Sorry Valley, your T2s have been ghosted!

Klonkie (@guest_548795)
1 month ago

With theT1s retiring , does that mean goodbye to both 100sqn RAF and 736 sqn RN?

Lusty (@guest_548820)
1 month ago
Reply to  Klonkie

736 NAS will disband in September of this year according to a FOI request. I’m not sure about 100 Sqn.

Klonkie (@guest_548849)
1 month ago
Reply to  Lusty

many thanks Lusty

Lusty (@guest_548893)
1 month ago
Reply to  Klonkie

No worries mate.

One would assume it’s subject to changes, but that was the last information I saw about it.