According to a recent intelligence update tweeted by the UK Ministry of Defence, Russian forces have likely taken control of the village of Novooleksandrivka, situated approximately 20km north of Avdiivka in the Donetsk oblast.

The area has experienced intense fighting throughout 2024, with Russian forces gradually advancing since capturing Avdiivka in February 2024.

The capture of Novooleksandrivka brings Russian forces closer to the T-05-04 road, a critical supply route for Ukrainian forces positioned further east.

The Ministry of Defence reports that it is highly likely that the village of Vozdvyzhenka will be Russia’s next target as they aim to cut off the road and disrupt Ukrainian logistics.

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George has a degree in Cyber Security from Glasgow Caledonian University and has a keen interest in naval and cyber security matters and has appeared on national radio and television to discuss current events. George is on Twitter at @geoallison
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Shaun (@guest_827842)
2 hours ago

The Muscovite empires stooges in the USA have and are costing Ukraine both blood and land. Whether this can be reversed once more equipment and ammunition arrives is uncertain. Any civilised country simply couldn’t sustain the losses in manpower and equipment, but Muscovite culture and its leadership is both careless of and uncaring of individual’s lives. It is an underlying cultural mindset and history that is utterly alien to ours and hard to comprehend. Unfortunately all too many of our political etc leaders make the mistake of thinking they are the same as us. In the sense that we are… Read more »

PaulSergeant (@guest_827920)
11 seconds ago

 Novooleksandrivka is 7.5 km straight UAV flight from the T-05-04 road. That is close enough to disrupt movements. Novooleksandrivka is an exposed salient. Fighting is reported to the south in Sokil. I expect securing the east flank at Kalinove would precede the UK MoD predicted advance to Vozdvyzhenka. I wonder why the MoD has published this prediction now.