Russian media have reported that troops have started to receive unmanned Uran-6 mine-clearing and Uran-9 anti-tank vehicles.

“During the year, the District’s engineering units received a batch of the latest Uran-6 and Uran-9 robotized systems that make it possible to carry out dangerous operations in a remote-controlled mode, the BMR-3MA armored mine-clearance vehicle and other most advanced types of military hardware,” the press office said in a statement reported here.

According to the outlet, the Uran-6 weighs up to 6 tonnes and is mounted on a light tracked platform is designated to make breaches in minefields and carry out area mine clearance. The Uran-9 weighs 12 tonnes is designed to conduct reconnaissance, provide fire support and destroy tanks. It is armed with a 30mm 2A72 automatic gun, a 7.62mm machine-gun, a Shmel-M rocket flamethrower and Ataka anti-tank missiles.

The Uran-9 was first deployed during the Syrian Civil War, though according to a performance report of the 3rd Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, the tank functioned poorly, and was unable to perform many of the missions assigned to it.

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BV Buster

An interesting vehicle with a interesting armament. The picture shows it fitted with AT-9s, a weapon that has no western analogue and overcomes the problem of long times of flight that modern ATGMs suffer from by being radio controlled, no trailing wire, no thermal seeker ect.

The 30mm cannon (2A72) is a fairly new weapon (in weapon terms), its supposed to replace the aging 2A42 mounted on the BMP-2, it seems they have cheapened the old cannon somewhat and although the spec is similar I believe they are less accurate than the older system.



Considering their TTPs will probably be to blat the feck out of the entire EM spectrum from minute zero of a conflict, I’d love to know how they’re C2ing these bad boys!?

BV Buster

One giant transmitter to control a company of them, nothing a HARM cant fix. The EM signature is now becoming just as important as visual and thermal.


I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that the Russians are having numerous issue with the Uran vehicles. I’m out on the lash in 30 mins, so I will chase this up tomorrow,

BV Buster

Weekday drinking, rock and or roll!!


BV wrote:
Weekday drinking, rock and or roll!

A mate of mine (Serving major) was up in the area, so we met up for a drink and a meal.


Here’s that article i mentioned: Russia’s Tank Drone Performed Poorly in Syria The results are in on the Russia’s Uran-9 combat drone and its baptism of fire, and it isn’t good. Uran-9, bristling with guns and missiles, may look impressive but it has trouble with the fundamentals not only of armored warfare but warfare by remote control. The remote controlled combat vehicle lost contact with ground control stations, suffered from an unreliable gun and suspension system, and could not target enemies while on the move. The problems were brought to light at a Russian security conference, “Actual Problems of Protection… Read more »


This the one that went rogue and rolled on top of the reporter on national tv, yeah? Cool.

Phil C

I find it reassuring that every time I read about Russian hardware, be it this Uran stuff, their aircraft, tanks or ships, that they are completely rubbish. It does make me wonder somewhat why we need to spend any more, or even as much as we do on our own military as it sounds as if the Russians are useless. Maybe that is why the Germans have little interest in their military, maybe they know that the threat isn’t really there.


The Germans realized that it’s not the Russians that you have to be worried about, it’s the Chinese…

Paul T

I beg to differ,to underestimate the capabilities of a potential adversary is a dangerous attitude to take.Given that any conflict between us (the UK) and Russia is very unlikely if not practically impossible it pays to give them a little respect just in case.Are Russian Aircraft that probe UK Airspace imaginary – no,are Russian Ships that transit through the English Channel imaginary – again no,can Corvette class ships launch Missiles into Syria from the safety of the Caspian Sea – yes,can you see my point ?.

BV Buster

I think the problem with Russian weapon development is the old keeping up with the Jones’s routine, they have a fraction of the US defence expenditure and have some awesome capabilities but some plain old bodge jobs just to look good. They seem to take more risk with projects, have it fall on its arse, learn from its mistakes then move on quickly. They see the propaganda utility in everything, if a small department of two to three people are working on say a new tank concept, just brainstorming ideas, the headline in the news article would read “Russian army… Read more »

Paul T

BV – Yes they certainly have the will to use what they have.Also unlike the US,UK and a few others opportunities to Battle Test new systems and doctrines have harder to come by,but with Georgia,Ukraine and now Syria they are getting real world experience of what works and what doesn’t.