Saab has signed a supply contract with the Belgian MoD for the deliveries of training systems to the Belgian Army.

The order value is approximately SEK 160 million and deliveries will take place in 2021.

The contract includes providing a complete training centre with infantry simulators, anti-tank simulators, vehicle systems and communication systems for controlling, monitoring and collecting training data to enable detailed analysis of exercises. The support contract will be negotiated separately later on.

One of the requirements was interoperability with NATO, and with Saab’s training system Belgium will be capable of participating in multinational exercises.

“This means Belgium will share the same standards as members in the Interoperability User Community (IUC). They can therefore take part in multinational exercises together with, among others, the Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK and the US 7thArmy,” says Åsa Thegström, head of the business unit Training & Simulation within Saab’s business area Dynamics.

“The Belgian Army has used our training systems for the last four years and have clearly seen the benefits of realistic training. This order strengthens our position as one of the world’s leading suppliers of solutions for combat training,” says Henrik Vassallo, head of the country unit France & Benelux within Saab’s market area Europe.

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Saab seems to have allot of millitary know how, not just a simple car maker then.


Don’t make cars anymore alas…miss my Saab 900 turbo…lovely car!


I had a Saab 96 in the mid-60s. Three cylinder two-stroke engine, free wheel. Cracking car, great fun.


Turned that one into a very successful rally car as I remember!


Now all Belgium needs is a few combat troops and a Government not afraid of deploying them! Another European hanger on in regards to Defence!


Hangers on thy name is Europe! Off topic but it may be of interest to some readers to know that France has never paid back its WW1 war debts to the UK. Not a penny paid even on interest since 1934. In those days it was about £500m or as a late 20’s US report put it $3bn. In todays terms pick a BIG BIG number as owed to the UK. This by a country who insists that the UK owes the EU etc etc.


Interesting subject. I looked it up and the US loaned Britain $4.33bn (£2.2bn) in 1945, while Canada loaned US$1.19 bn (£607m) in 1946, at a rate of 2% annual interest. Much of this was for rebuilding the UK after Germany managed to flatten a lot of it. When we made the final repayment of the loans in 2006 the UK had paid back a total of $7.5bn (£3.8bn) to the US and US$2 bn (£1bn) to Canada. Looking further into this, another interesting fact is that Germany apparently owed the UK over £120BILLION (equiv today to £3.6Trillion) for damage caused.… Read more »


Interesting stuff crabfat. Tho you’re talking about WW2. Whereas I’m talking about WW1! Yes the Europeans telling us we owe them money when they cant even pay debts from a hundred years ago is a breathtaking level of hypocrisy.


Thanks OS – doing my research and forgot we were talking about WW1! Senior moment. However, it was enlightening to find things weren’t any better after WW2…