MBDA has announced the signing of a contract for the acquisition of Mistral 3 short-range air defense systems by the Ministry of Defence of Serbia.

With this order, Serbia becomes the 32nd customer country for the Mistral missile. MBDA say that this will allow Serbia to benefit from the shared user experiences from the many forces operating the Mistral in Europe and to contribute to the definition of the future developments of the weapon systems based on this missile.

The contract is for the acquisition of Mistral missiles, launchers for dismounted soldiers, related equipment and logistics, and the provision of technical and material assistance for the integration of the Mistral missile on the PASARS vehicles of the Serbian Armed Forces.

As the latest generation of Mistral family today in service, Mistral 3 features a very high resistance to infrared countermeasures and a capability to engage air targets presenting a low thermal signature, such as missiles and UAVs.

Attending the contract signature, Eric Béranger, CEO of MBDA, said:

“We’re proud that this contract far exceeds just material supplies. Serbia is invited to join as a new member of the Mistral user club and becomes a new partner for MBDA. But above all, this contract is the first milestone of a cooperation that we are going to build together with Serbia whose security objectives are similar to those of France and of the European Union.

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Matt C

Any idea what was the contract value?



Geoffrey Hicking

Plus a free pack of cadbury’s chocolate bars.

(assuming they purchased it at the till)




50 missiles x 300.000 € about 15 million euros.


So Serbia is threatening its neighbours again; neighbours with whom we and the French have given security guarantees. Serbia is also setting up and shouting about setting up closer military ties with Russia whilst locking up journalists who criticise the locking up of political critics . So the obvious thing for the UK/French company to do is sell Serbia lethal anti air equipment with which they can shoot UK & French & US aircraft down – sounds like a really sensible idea. I just can’t think why the Serbs do t think we are serious- maybe they’ve got a free… Read more »