Defence Secretary Grant Shapps has labelled anti-war protests outside a Glasgow shipyard as “misguided” and “naïve”.

His comments came during a visit to the BAE Systems shipyard in Glasgow, where recent demonstrations targeted the supply of military arms to Israel.

The BAE shipyard, known for constructing the Type 26 frigates for the Royal Navy, was the site of blockades earlier this month by protesters condemning the UK’s involvement in arms exports.

Shapps toured the facility to inspect progress on HMS Cardiff, the latest frigate under development, and then spoke to journalists (myself included).

Addressing the media, Shapps emphasised that the UK does not have defence exports to Israel in any “meaningful numbers”.

“The protesters are misguided and their protests are misplaced,” Shapps stated. He argued that the activities at the shipyard play a crucial role in national and global security. “What goes on here protects Britain and protects people around the world,” he explained.

Shapps further highlighted the broader implications of the shipyard’s operations. “Anyone who cares about democracy, freedom of movement at sea, the ability to shift goods around the world, to feed people, Ukraine’s defence — what goes on here is important not just to Britain but to the world.”

He concluded by dismissing the protesters’ efforts as severely misinformed.

“It is the height of naivety to turn up here and protest in a location which has absolutely nothing to do with the issue they’re concerned about and everything to do with protecting Britain,” he remarked.

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George has a degree in Cyber Security from Glasgow Caledonian University and has a keen interest in naval and cyber security matters and has appeared on national radio and television to discuss current events. George is on Twitter at @geoallison
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Martin (@guest_817289)
23 hours ago

Yeah will sell a lot of ships to Israel. Clearly clever people protesting with rent a crowd and no idea of reality.

Jon (@guest_817552)
57 minutes ago
Reply to  Martin

The reality is that protesting gets you column inches.

Mark B
Mark B (@guest_817338)
21 hours ago

Last night on QT one of the panel suggested we should stop providing stuff related to the Iron Dome. News to me that the Iron Dome had anything to do with the UK and also isn’t it designed to prevent civilian casualties? Personally I thought it was a US/Israeli product. Is there a rule preventing the BBC from correcting the panelists if they are talking twaddle?

Quentin D63
Quentin D63 (@guest_817347)
21 hours ago
Reply to  Mark B

I believe that there’s Israeli tech in the Sky Sabre system.

Mark B
Mark B (@guest_817354)
20 hours ago
Reply to  Quentin D63

Ah – makes sense. Interesting.

Expat (@guest_817383)
18 hours ago
Reply to  Quentin D63

Which is good as we know Iron dome is well tested, so having tech from an active war zone is surely a big plus for the UK forces its designed to protect.

ABCRodney (@guest_817449)
13 hours ago
Reply to  Expat

Mmm that would actually imply Brain Cells in U.K. Government realising that U.K. has very little missile Air Defence. Which just isn’t happening.
As for Iron dome Tech it has virtually zero use to us unless we are having rockets lobbed at us by France, Belgium or Ireland.

Jon (@guest_817553)
55 minutes ago
Reply to  ABCRodney

Sky Sabre is part of the anti-air defences in the Falklands and with the Army when posted to Eastern Europe. Right now it’s not really for UK defence.

Quentin D63
Quentin D63 (@guest_817346)
21 hours ago

Well said Mr Shapps! Concise, meaningful and firm. Luckily that you’re in a country where you have the right to a have a peaceful protest. And, many others are allowed to have a completely different opinion if they choose.

Last edited 21 hours ago by Quentin D63
ABCRodney (@guest_817445)
13 hours ago
Reply to  Quentin D63

Firstly every single UK citizen has the absolute right to protest in a civil way against something that that they object to. That’s a cornerstone of our fundamental beliefs and core values. Secondly we sell virtually nothing to Israel, in fact by one means or another Israel actually buys very little outside of Israel. Thirdly Israel does have significant ownership of UK Defence industries and we do use and order Israeli Defence products. As for BAe in Glasgow it’s a complete nonsense, these folks are so stupid they don’t actually protest at the sites that they do have a legitimate… Read more »

Jon (@guest_817563)
20 seconds ago
Reply to  ABCRodney

Have you ever gone on a protest wearing black balaclava and mask so you couldn’t be recognised, and so you would look more intimidating in the photos? I’ve been on a few protests and can’t say I’ve found anonymity necessary or helpful. Perhaps it’s implicitly supporting a terrorist organisation that’s got them worried.

I can’t say that allowing them to block the entrance with a big banner even for the photo-op is a sensible move by the police. They should be made to protest at either side, keeping rights of way clear at all times.